Thursday, February 7, 2008

Still not saying "Uncle"

Yeah, I survived that 13 inch storm that hit the Mad City last night. Hell, I even took my Corolla on an extra trip to pick up a buddy at the VA Hospital and then blasted through the sideways snow to meet buddies at (where else on a snowy day in Wisconsin?) the bar to watch Bucky win another one. Good times.

But given how this is the land of the Frozen Tundra, you'd think some would understand that going up hills, around buses, and in the wrong lane of traffic might ned badly...particularly when you're driving a POS small call. Yes, I saw you at Science Hall on Langdon Street, and you are not cool - although not as lame as the Lance Armstrong wanna-be I saw biking through this stuff in his official riding gear.

Enough of this grad research, it can wait till tomorrow and the weekend. And then it's the huge showdown with the Boilers, and I don't see them getting the call down the stretch this time. As long as the crowd does get frozen in time due to the -25 wind chills on Saturday (isn't it March in 3 weeks? C'mon weather!), I anticipate it being quite festive downtown on Saturday night.

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