Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another month of Walker, another month of Wisconsin losing

Lost in the FBI raids and dousing of ALEC puppets was the release of another report of lost jobs in Wisconsin. 2,300 more jobs went bye-bye in America's Dairyland in August, and a total of 11,600 private sector jobs and 8,700 overall jobs have gone away since the fishy and temporary boost in jobs in June that was revealed just in time for the recall elections against GOP state senators.

So when you take those months together, you see that the last 3 months have been dismal for Wisconsin job creation, 3,200 private sector jobs added and only 2,300 overall. I'm going out on a limb here, but 0.1% job creation over 3 months isn't going to give you 250,000 jobs in 4 years (more like 37,000). And what's even more alarming is it continues the trend of a major slowdown from the last year of Jim Doyle. Let's throw out the first 2 months of Walker's regime and charge that to Doyle and the Dems, give both of them March 2011 as some of Scotty's corporate giveaways were put in place, but Act 10 had been held and the protests we ongoing (so Doyle is Sept. 2010-March 2011, and Walker is February-August 2011). This will allow us 6 months of data since Scotty "dropped the bomb" in February.

Doyle and Dems +31,000 all jobs, +34,600 private
Fitzwalkerstan +14,200 all jobs, +15,300 private

That's right, we were adding jobs twice as fast for the 6 months after Sept. 2010 than we have been the last 6 months. Look at the last 12 months of Doyle and the Dems and compare it to the year-over-year numbers now, and we're still slowing down.

12-month job changes
Doyle and Dems +31,500 all jobs, +29,800 private
Fitzwalkerstan +24,700 all jobs, +26,200 private

Let's also remember that Walker's boys benefit from having some of Jim Doyle's best months at the end of 2010 and January 2011 thrown in. This 6,800 total job gap in jobs (and 14% private sector growth gap) will become larger in the next few months.

But wait, maybe this slowdown is all Obama and D.C.'s fault? Scotty has sure tried that deflection technique, so let's see the BLS reports and see if it holds up.

Last 6 months of regime
Doyle and Dems +1.15% all jobs, +1.14% private
All U.S. jobs +0.70% all jobs, +0.93% private

Fitzwalkerstan +0.52% all jobs, +0.66% private
All U.S. jobs +0.44% all jobs, +0.74% private

So Wisconsin has gone from being well ahead of the U.S. average for creating jobs under Doyle, to below the national average in the private sector in Fitzwalkerstan. In fact, we could be just as likely to say that governors like Walker and the Teabaggers taking over the House is the reason for the U.S. slowdown.

You can also see the Walker boys' effect in how Wisconsin's low unemployment rate is creeping up to the U.S. average as well.

Jan.-Sep 2010 Wis. 9.2%-7.8%, U.S. 9.7%-9.6% (-1.4% vs. -0.1%)
Sep.-Mar 2011 Wis. 7.8%-7.4%, U.S. 9.6%-8.8% (-0.4% vs. -0.8%)
Feb.-Aug 2011 Wis. 7.4%-7.9%, U.S. 8.8%-9.1% (+0.5% vs. +0.3%)

So under Walker, Wisconsin has given away all of the advantage it gained through much of 2010, and then some. Which is one of the biggest untold stories of the declining jobs situation in our state- Wisconsin was kicking the nation's ass in 2010, and we've slid back down since Walker and the WisGOPs took power.

Or in other words, "Scotty, it ain't Obama and D.C. that's bringing us down, IT'S YOU." Makes you worry about what we'll look like in 6 months, don't it? With that in mind, I'm off to Bob Fest and Willy Street to vent and exchange the facts.

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