Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear J-S- We know whose side you're on. It's not ours

I just sent this to the Journal-Sentinel letters to the editor file. It's a short version of what I wanted to send, because they limit the size of your submission. I wanted to go more into the prominence they give to right-wing columnists like Christian Schneider and Mike Nichols from the Bradley-funded WPRI (aka We Promote Republican Idiocy). I also wanted to mention the huge megaphone right-wing liars get to have on WTMJ, WISN, and other hate radio without any balance given for the majority of Wisconsinites who want Scott Walker gone.

But that requires a lot more explanation than they allow for plebes like me, since I don't belong to the right social clubs for the J-S. So instead I settled for this.

"Those of us that pay attention to things like consistency in media can't help but notice how the Journal-Sentinel has chosen to cover certain events.

For example, the sketchy, race-baiting, (and totally false) accusations regarding young African-American recall petition signers were generated by a Bradley Foundation-funded right-wing group called Media Trackers. The Journal-Sentinel refused to consider the biased source of these lies, allowed Journal Communications employee Charles Sykes to run with those false accusations. Your paper then gave prominent space to dutifully follow up on the "story," allowing these lies to be displayed on the front page when you knew they were false and inflammatory.

You know what didn't get on the front page? Liberal One Wisconsin Now's $10,000 reward offered for information relating to the arrest of people who wish to deface and destroy recall petitions. Makes you wonder why it's different, doesn't it?

When I was going through the airport to fly out for Thanksgiving with my family, I checked your paper to see if there was coverage of the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed Wisconsin to be dead last in America in job performance for the month of October. Was this big news on your front page? No. It wasn't even on the front page of the business section. That's a choice made by your management.

When I came back from my Thanksgiving trip with family, what do I find in huge type on the J-S front page? Some sensationalistic story about City of Milwaukee employees "triple-dipping", also chosen by your management. No doubt this report would also be used by WTMJ talking heads for fodder on the GOP propaganda and filth that passes for daytime broadcasting on Journal Communications' radio station.

These are but two examples as to why many of us have chosen to cancel our paper subscriptions to the Journal-Sentinel, as you have not only refused to admit your mistake of endorsing the failed Scott Walker for governor, but you and your broadcast stations continue to allow right-wing spin meisters to give unchallenged deceptions and lies without any sense of judgment or allowance for balance from the other side.

You at the Journal-Sentinel have a choice. Either start to balance to the right-wing noise brigade that dominates your publications and broadcast stations, and make these people accountable for their lies and deceptions. Or expect many more disruptions and direct actions by us who have been diminished and silenced for far too long, and your corporation and advertisers will pay a big price- both in the pocketbook, and in your integrity.

Well, that's if you have any integrity left, because right now, a lot of us see nothing more than a tabloid rag that favors a small oligarchy who could not care less about the overall well-being of our state."

Edit, here's another example of the J-S's leanings. They allow a scared Sykes-sucker from Elm Grove a full column to spew proofless garbage like this.

H/t Illusory tenant.


  1. The net of your post is fundamentally correct.

    FWIW, Sykes works for Journal Broadcast Group, a subsidiary of Journal Communications under Steve Smith (Journal Communications' President, CEO, and Chairman). Betsy Brenner (JS Publisher) and Marty Kaiser (JS Editor) have no control over Sykes.

    IMHO, Steve uses Journal Broadcast Group (Sykes and TMJ4) to bash/ignore the JS. That degrades share holder value even more, but it drags the JS even deeper into wingnut land. IMHO, the ONLY subsidiary of Journal Communications that's doing any creditable reporting is the JS. FWIW, afaik, most of the best reporting in the JS is from reporters who belong to a union: McGinn, Kissinger, Umhoefer, Bice, ...... They have no control over the headlines under which their bylines appear.

  2. Thanks for reading, Boo. I think some of the published JS's act is out of fear of the whine-nuts, but I also think there's quite a bit of corporate synergy going on. And I certainly do not believe that the J-S is an independent newsgathering entity from the group that brings Sykes/Wagner hate every day.

    Too bad, because if you had more Craig Gilbert-style analysis, it'd probably be worth buying. But facts and education isn't the J-S's m-o right now.