Friday, December 30, 2011

Van Hollen's DOJ, WisGOP, and Michael Best - pure naked corruption Pt. 2

This is why a good memory is something I'm glad to have. Just in time for New Year's we have a new revelation in the Walker Admin's John Doe investigation, and it inovolves a lack of cooperation (cover-up?) at the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The Patrick Marley and Dan Bice story includes emails that clearly shows DOJ officials getting a supbpeona for emails from Scott Walker's guv campaign, and clearly were worried about it.
"This is one to try and stay away from. I can't see any good coming from it," Ed Wall, head of the department's Division of Criminal Investigation, wrote in a Nov. 15, 2010, email.

"Absolutely," responded David Spakowicz, director of field operations for the division's eastern region.

Wall's email was sent just hours before he met with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm about the John Doe investigation. Also at the meeting were then-Deputy Attorney General Ray Taffora and Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern.
The meeting happened just two weeks after Walker was elected governor and a month and a half before he was sworn in....

...the records also show Department of Justice officials discussed the investigation on Nov. 1 - the day before the election and the day prosecutors executed a subpoena for emails from Walker's campaign, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

"Are you available for a call - ASAP - in order to brief you on this sensitive matter?" Spakowicz wrote Wall at 1:40 p.m. that day.

Wall said he was available and six minutes later wrote to Taffora, then the No. 2 official in the department, to ask when he could take a call.

David Matthews, director of field operations for the Division of Criminal Investigation, later wrote Wall to say: "Spak has briefed me on today's SW activities."
Notice a familiar name in there? I did - the name of Ray Taffora.

Who is Ray Taffora? He's the former Number 2 guy in the Attorney General's office and a GOP campaign contributor who left DOJ right after the election to go to Michael, Best and Friedrich to help the Walker boys during the Act 10/ budget repair bill controversy, and signed a blank check, taxpayer-funded contract right before Walker "dropped the bomb." Hmmm, wonder why he wouldn't want something like Scott Walker's campaign to get investigated too deeply when he stood to make major bank off of Walker's election? And neither would GOP Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who heads up the DOJ.

We also saw Taffora's name earlier this week as part of the group of Michael Best and GOP officials that were meeting in secret to hammer out redistricting this summer. You know who else we saw in that redistricting story that was in the news in the las 48 hours? Eric McLeod who just quit Walker's commission that helps Scotty pick judges. (fun sidelight- in typical Walker lying fashion, Scotty tried to claim to the media that he had asked for McLeod's resignation to make it look like Walker believed in "transparency"....except Walker made the statement after McLeod had already told Walker he was quitting.)

There's so much smoke here, I'm starting to choke from just looking at the connections between the DOJ, Michael, Best and Friedrich, and the GOP. It's all out there, just connect the dots, folks.

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