Saturday, August 18, 2012

The theme rolls on- It still ain't working for Wis. jobs

I know this gets repetitive, but I guess I need to keep driving it home. The brutal July jobs report, with 6,500 jobs lost and unemployment rising 0.3% to 7.3%, continues a bad trend for the state of Wisconsin under Walker/ WisGOP policies. This means there has been 17,300 total jobs lost (on a seasonally-adjusted basis) in Wisconsin since the June 5 recall elections. Remember 2 months ago, when Scott Walker said would open up the floodgates with jobs being offered once the "election uncertainties" went away? Well, you've seen how the "job creators" have reacted to the certainty of Scott Walker being governor for the next 2 1/2 years- they're running away from Fitzwalkerstan.

Of course, the Walker folks tried to mitigate the awful job news by pulling the same stunt they did before the recall elections- releasing their own Quarterly Census job numbers before they were verified by the federal officials. And while the pro-Walker J-S might have dutifully accepted this BS in a classic false equivalency story, I won't do the same.

Why not? Because Walker lied about this report during the recall elections, and the feds showed that Walker's DWD inflated the jobs numbers by more than 15%. Sorry, I'll go apples-to-apples, and continue with the newly-released national numbers instead. Those numbers show that Wisconsin remains the Number 1 state for job losses over the last 12 months, with nearly 22,000 jobs gone since July 2011 (while the U.S. has gained 1.8 million jobs at the same time).

As a result, the Walker jobs gap has jumped in the last month, and now is at 85,000 private sector jobs, and 86,500 jobs overall.

And no, Governor, you don't get to make excuses like Obamacare or the presidential election as reasons for the recent losses. Everywhere else in the U.S, has these same variables going on, and most of those states are growing just fine (or as in the case of Ohio, more than fine, with 100,000 new jobs in 12 months. Guess that public sector collective bargaining's just a job-killer, eh?)

These failures are on Scotty and the WisGOP policies that changed the direction of those red lines starting in early 2011. PERIOD.

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