Monday, July 29, 2013

Solidarity Singers going at it all wrong

So says Tom Breuer, in an awesome column at InBusiness Madison.
But the Solidarity Singers do have options. They can form a multibillion-dollar transnational corporation and use a portion of their hefty profits to buy elections on behalf of candidates who are likely to bend to their will. You know, like a normal American.

All they need to do is funnel their unlimited cash (aka speech) through a Super PAC (maybe call it the Scott Walker Swan Song PAC), find a candidate to support and/or bribe, get him or her elected, and force the Capitol Police to call off the dogs. While they’re at it, they could pollute a watershed or two just for fun.

But until that day, the singers can be legally muzzled. That’s democracy in these United States in the Year of Our Lord 2013. And we should all be very proud of it, now shouldn’t we?
Exactly. You and others expressing yourself for free in a building that's open to the public, and not getting in the way of others? That's illegal. But spending money and keeping others from getting the same access, especially on the limited frequencies of the public airwaves? No problem!

And you wonder why I think things are upside down in this state?

P.S. I see that Dave WHAAA-ska handed out Twinkies at his meagerly-attended Astroturf event inside the Capitol today. Yes, making light of American bankruptcy and thousands of workers being screwed out of earned pensions and negotiated benefits. HILARIOUS! First class act you and Icki and friends have there, Dave. Can't figure out why the GOP is nothing more than a rumor in this county when guys like you represent it.


  1. Beautiful stuff. Love the idea. The Twinkie thing I didn't hear about. Tasteless (not the Twinkies).

  2. Thanks John. Keep up the good work yourself.

    I caught Sly's show for a bit, and they played tape of WHAAA-ska trying to backpedal and explain his huge AFSCME pension. Basically, WHAAA-ska said he had no problem being a freeloader off of AFSCME's good benefits. Guess Sykes has found his moocher!

  3. Breuer is quite wrong in his assessment.

    The correct - and much faster - way to go about not being arrested for protesting in the Capitol is to buy it no-bid from Scott Walker and close it to everyone else.