Sunday, December 14, 2014

Comments opened up

I've slightly opened up the comments some, as I've heard a couple of mentions from others that read that they can't necessarily comment without a Google ID.

However, I'm still moderating posts and if goofballs start trying to pollute the board, they and the "open commenting" will be gone as fast as it's come. So be adults out there. And not putting your name on certain takes will be openly mocked.


  1. Jake,

    Dr. Morbius here.

    Here is a study from UW-Milwaukee Econ. Dev. Center that is truly enlightening and has not gotten near the attention it deserves. It addresses the conversion of WI into a low wage state based on the latest census information.

  2. Hey Doc- your comments on other boards were part of the reason I opened this up a bit.

    I mentioned that Marc Levine study on low Wisconsin wages in October. But it is definitely worth looking at again if you get the chance.