Friday, February 20, 2015

"Unintimidated"? Try coreless coward

I'd like to thank John Peterson at Democurmudgeon for directing me to these two excellent clips from the last 24 hours that illustrates just how weak our Governor's act has been.

The first includes MSNBC's Chris Hayes and the always-awesome Charlie Pierce, who start off by bringing up Rudy Giuliani's disgusting dog-whistle claiming that President Obama "doesn't love America" because "he wasn't brought up like we were." Then they mention the complete lack of tact that passes for a reaction from the special guest at Giuliani's speech at New York City's posh 21 Club- Scott Walker.

That incident was also discussed on another MSNBC show that had a guest with Wisconsin ties today. Ed Schultz had the Capital Times' John Nichols on to discuss the fast-tracking of (right-to) work-for-less legislation for next week, which just so happens to emerge less than 48 hours after Scotty dines with those right-wing oligarchs at the 21 Club. Nichols mentions how Walker is so gutless that he is willing to let anything slide and promote any type of idiotic policy, if he feels it'll help his chances at the Republican nomination in 2016.

And you really have to ask yourself, you know, where's the "there" there with this guy? If he is so intimidated by his donors and powerful players, how can you expect him to lead as a president?
But perhaps the most damning statements about Walker's lack of character came from the Washington Post's Dana Milbank. Milbank is usually beholden to Beltway BS which tries to pass off bad behavior as "just part of the game", and he usually pulls his punches accordingly. Not this time, as the headline gives you an idea where his column is going: "Scott Walker's cowardice should disqualify him," and says Scotty is "avoiding anything that might resemble leadership."
Last week, in London during the annual Darwin Day observance, he refused to answer a question about evolution. “I’m going to punt on that,” he said when asked about evolution at a British think tank. “That’s a question a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or another, so I’m going to leave that up to you.”

At home in Wisconsin, Walker’s leadership has been conspicuously missing. His tax cuts have left the state with a $283 million deficit that needs to be covered by midyear and a deficit projected at $2 billion for the two years beginning in July. Bloomberg News reported this week that the state will delay $108 million in debt payments due in May — a move that will ultimately increase the amount Wisconsin has to pay.....

That dinner Wednesday, at New York’s 21 Club, is where Giuliani challenged Obama’s love of country. Even the former mayor preceded his outrageous allegation by saying, “I know this is a horrible thing to say . . . ”

Walker surely knew it was horrible, too, but he refused to say so — and in this failure he displayed a cowardice unworthy of a man who would be president.
Shoot, he's unworthy of running a hot dog stand on Water Street, let alone the state or the country.

Let's hope people are starting to see the reality- that there is no center to Scott Walker, and the guy can't win anything resembling a fair fight. Which is why he hides behind the GOP-agenda machine in Wisconsin media, never takes direct responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and never will appear in public in an unscripted situation.

As Lee Elia would put it: "Unintimidated? My f***ing a$$!"

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