Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Updated info shows Wisconsin still in the cellar for jobs

Today had the Bureau of Labor Statistics release of the June jobs numbers for all 50 states, and not surprisingly, Wisconsin continued to lag its neighbors in the first half of 2015 after its brutal performance. Here's how the numbers break down for the year-to-date.

Private sector job growth, Dec 2014- June 2015
Mich 1.82% (+66,000)
Minn +0.99% (+23,900)
Ind. +0.94%(+24,400)
Iowa +0.88% (+11,500)
Ohio +0.66% (+30,400)
Wis. +0.39% (+9,500)
Ill. +0.38% (+19,100)

No state added fewer private sector jobs than Wisconsin, and only the dysfunctional train wreck in Illinois kept Wisconsin from being dead last in rate of growth (and even then, just barely). And because the FIBs had outgrown us in the previous 4 years (as measured by the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages), this means Wisconsin stays dead last in the Midwest in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan.

Somehow, I'm thinking that chart won't be shown in Scott Walker's campaign speeches. But it might be a part of John Kasich's....


  1. Jake , any chance you can comment about the current Walker plan to convince people that we are not adding as many jobs because we didn't lose as many as some other states.??? thanks.. CJ

    1. That may explain some of why Michigan, Ohio or Indiana have added so many more jobs (all had unemployment well over 10% during the Great Recession, while Wisconsin never did).

      But that excuse doesn't hold up with Minnesota or Iowa, neither of which lost as many jobs as Wisconsin.

    2. Does that mean he is admitting that Gov Doyle didn't cause the worldwide recession in 2008? It also would mean the Skwalker could no longer claim he personally caused the recovery. That plan will quickly become a drafting error.
      All ships go down as the tide goes out and rise when it comes in; unless the one incharge fails to slacken the anchor chain.

    3. Jonathan- That is interesting, isn't it? Funny how their excuses change based on how their failure is being compared. Then Scotty was trying to take credit for the state growing faster from 2011 vs the start of Obama's term in 2009, as if the Bush Recession never happened!

      Do these peoplease understand that we have the Googke? Insultingly cynical