Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jon Stewart, college kids, real questions pwn our Guv

Two great punkings of Scott Walker yesterday. The first is by Jon Stewart, who is going out with a bang as he hammers the pathetic 5 GOP presidential candidates who kissed the rings of the Brothers Koch this weekend in Cali.

Boy, if those pathetic suckup jobs by Walker and Bush don't have "attack ad" written all over them. And so might this picture, which came after two college-aged activists asked Walker for a photo op, then turned around their "Walker for president" sign.

What a total maroon, and good luck shaking the image of being a bought puppet after those images. Oh, and Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson says that's not only the only way Walker looked unfit for prime time yesterday.
It's not unusual for activists or protesters to stop by campaign events and put candidates on the spot — but Walker faced many more than usual during a campaign stop at Theo's late Monday morning ahead of an evening candidates' forum. Elizabeth Ropp, a 38-year-old acupuncturist who works in town, brought up the millions of dollars that defense contractors spend on elections and asked what he would do to ensure those companies did not unduly sway foreign policy decisions. (Walker shifted to talking about the need for a strong military and said he will soon roll out a foreign policy plan.) Emma Stein, a 20-year-old college student, asked about campaign finance reform. (There's a plan coming, he said.) Another 20-something asked about ending the revolving door between politics and lobbying. ("We'll certainly come out with a plan later this year," Walker said.)

Even those in the crowd who identified as proud Republicans often greeted the governor with a pointed question they wanted precisely answered. Again and again, Walker quoted passages from his standard stump speech — or told them to hold out for a policy plan. It was a different vibe from the crowds in Iowa, where the candidate has spent much more time campaigning.
You can tell Johnson recognizes that Walker doesn't really know what he's talking about, and that people are already starting to see through it.

Funny how those from out of town can spot this in Walker, but yet our paid-off media members mostly ignored it for 4 1/2 years, because they and the corporations that own them chose access and Walker campaign money over doig their duty to the public. And now, this state is being constantly embarrassed by our Gov Dropout "representing" us on the campaign trail.

The only positive is that the national spotlight on all of Walker's idiocy may force our local media to shape up and start telling it like it is. The recent complaints from Journal-Sentinel editor George Stanley (a longtime condoner of Walker's act) on Walker's attempts to change open records law, combined with today's story from Dan ("Scott Walker's a nice guy, Rachel") Bice on John Doe, which shows Walker's aides and allies lied about those "raids" that happened in 2011, making their guilt seem even more obvious.

But we gotta keep the pressure up, and keep dropping facts and context to the national and local writers to let them know we're not going to let the clown known as Scott Walker spin his BS without being challenged on it. We also must continue to remind the "reporters" that we're watching them every bit as much as we're watching Scotty, and they will pay every bit as much if they allow this guy to slither on by.

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  1. Again, great stuff. When, oh when, is say the MJS going to call for Vos to be investigated/removed (he should be in prison), for more looks into everything Walker has done, the constant lying that boosts his appeal with lizards. Okay, never mind, they won't.