Friday, November 27, 2015

Packers offer up an egg on Thanksgiving

It's tough enough to stay up after a certain time of night when you reach a certain age and stuff your face at Thanksgiving. But then I stayed up and watched THAT CRAP LAST NIGHT from the Packers. Seriously, you get an amazing scene that includes Starr and Favre meeting at the center of Lambeau Field at halftime as the whole country is watching on national TV, and how could the Packers possibly lose?

BUT THEY DID. Sure, the weather was God-awful, but there's no excuse for the team going and lays another egg at home against a lesser division rival. Beyond unacceptable and completely bewildering. This Packers team has gone completely downhill since it hit the bye week at 6-0, and even more amazing is that it's the team's passing game that is listless and seems to be completely lacking in chemistry and execution. Davante Adams is beyond brutal- he caught 2 balls on 11 targets and allowed himself to get beat on Rodgers' INT, a feat that is very hard to do. Randall Cobb can't stretch the field, no other WR can win at the line of scrimmage, and Aaron Rodgers is inaccurate and seems to be playing hurt (I could see an off-season surgery in his future).

When it comes to the Pack this morning, the clip that keeps playing in my head is this classic from Jim Mora.


  1. This one is on Thompson for sure--we really needed to get a tight end; it makes everything go in that offense. Total fail on his part. Also, Jordy Nelson = MVP.

    1. I thought Richard Rodgers would be that go-to tight end, but he ended up regressing like Adams. They definitely miss Nelson, but it's still amazing how others have failed to step up into those roles the last 5 games