Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pleasant shocker from DC!

Oh yeah. HELLS YEAH! Things were looking good already, but it just got a whole lot brighter today.

UW 70, at No. 2 Maryland 57

Oh, you thought I was talking about Scalia dying? Yeah, that's pretty cool to get a racist, 20th-Century trogdoldyte off the nation's highest court, and opening the door for Citizens United and other heinous decisions to start to be reversed.

I'm also loving Obama throwing down the gauntlet and saying he'll DO HIS JOB, and nominate a candidate for SCOTUS. Go ahead GOP, try to obstruct that. With 20+ GOP Senators up for re-election, we'll see if the public accepts you failing to do your constitutional duty. You know, do the exact opposite of what the Democrats in the Senate did when Anthony Kennedy was nominated by lame-duck Ronald Reagan in his last year in office....and the Dems OK'd the nomination.

But that's to be determined in the future, just like the Badgers' NCAA tournament hopes. For tonight, both the SCOTUS and Badger basketball is a pretty intriguing situation that's looks a lot more different than it did this morning.

PS- You think the Badger basketball players want Greg Gard to keep the head coaching job?

PPS- Keep those killer 1970s-style uniforms with the Bucky on the shorts.

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