Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pence rally, journalist ejection show WisGOPs staying in Bubble

For a bunch of people who use the word “freedom” a lot, today’s Republicans sure don’t like the 1st amendment when it comes to reporting on reality. Take a look at this now-notorious story from here in Wisconsin last night, where a Washington Post reporter was banned from Mike Pence’s first headlining rally as Donald Trump’s Vice-President, even as a member of the general public.
Post reporter Jose A. DelReal went to cover Pence's rally at the Waukesha County Exposition Center, but he was turned away by volunteers at a press check-in table before entering.

DelReal then tried to go through the general-admission line, as reporters who were banned from Trump's events last month have generally been able to do in the past, the Post reported. Again, he was stopped there by a private security guard who told him he couldn't enter the building with his laptop and cellphone.

When DelReal asked whether others attending the rally could enter with their cellphones, he said the official replied, "Not if they work for The Washington Post."

DelReal placed his computer and phone in his car, returned to the line and was detained again by security personnel, the Post reported. This time the the security personnel summoned two county sheriff's deputies who patted down DelReal's legs and torso, seeking his phone, the reporter said.
But why would we be surprised by this? Scott Walker was the main greeter for Pence at this event, and we know how allergic to the public Gov “Unintimidated” is, given how he pre-selects the audiences at his taxpayer-funded “listening sessions.”

By the way, WisPolitics has a good rundown of the other top WisGOP officials who showed up at this (allegedly poorly-attended) Pence event, and why they supported the Indiana governor (because he has passed laws harming public schools and women’s reproductive rights). The image of Scott Fitzgerald blubbering "Trump-Pence" is really disturbing.

Wispolitics also has some jaw-dropping quotes from the handful of dopes that did go to this train wreck of an event.
Debbie Gorichanaz said she remains a big Scott Walker fan and also likes Paul Ryan and has noticed Ryan "speaks very highly of Pence." She said she is most put off by Clinton's "email scandals."

Asked if she was troubled by Walker's own email allegations, she replied, "No, because that was not a real email scandal."…

Brad Wilkins, of Waukesha, says he's been a Trump supporter for 20, 30 years.

"We need somebody who can manage money," he said.
Yes, the millionaire’s son with multiple bankruptcies is absolutely a person who knows how to manage money (about as well as Scott (27% credit card) Walker, come to think of it). And apparently Scott Walker’s secret campaign server in Milwaukee County (and Madison?) that resulted in actual criminal convictions is somehow better than Hillary Clinton’s having a separate server, and zero criminal convictions. This is how things roll in the 262. Instead of listening to others and admitting the failures of both Trumpism and Walkerism, these guys choose to try to make their Bubbles even bigger- shutting out other voices and making up different realities to justify the idiocy, scumminess and corruption of their “team.”

I’d almost feel sorry for what will happen to these dimwits when that Bubble breaks and they realize they’ve followed idiots, scumbags and losers for years. But given the damage that has been inflicted as a result of the voting habits of these suckers? Fuck em, I hope they get crushed. Not just in elections over the next 2 years, but also spiritually and in their everyday lives. Apparently that’s the only way these gutless Bubble Boys will ever get themselves on the road to recovery, and the only way this state and this country can get back to having politics that function as a force for public good.

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