Monday, August 22, 2016

Time to return east

As I sit in Seattle's airport and await my flight back to the Midwest, just a few reflections from my trip.

The Pacific Northwest is a unique part of the nation, with a high emphasis on quality of life, and the great scenery to match. I recommend anyone try to visit there if you can.

We went to a Brewers-Mariners game out there, and Safeco Park isnt bad- very similar to Miller Park right down to the color scheme of the seats (maybe a bit more compact in the concourses). Given the distance, the sizable number of Brewers fans was a bit surprising, although given the fact that the Northwest is a common landing spot for Wisconsinites to move to, I guess I shouldnt have been too shocked. Mariners fans were extremely friendly and I'm finding myself hoping they can slip into the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.

It was absurdly hot Friday and Saturday in Portland and Seattle (99 in Portland, 90 in Seattle), and there was a lot of evidence of drought and climate change. But there also was a notable lack of humidity vs what we'd see in the Midwest. And apparently some of the heat has broken back home, so thats a good sign that Fall may be coming.

I suppose I do need to get back to reality, but these last 4 days were a great break, and a great opportunity to discover. I definitely got another perspective on how things can be in this country (Vegas and the NW is notably more diverse), and it was quite the breath of fresh air.

Onto the plane, and back to business

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