Sunday, April 30, 2017

McCabe for Wisconsin 2018?

Found this on the Citizen Action website from this weekend. Sure seems like Mike McCabe of Blue Jean Nation would be OK with being drafted into.the Governor's race for 2018.

Also interesting in that clip, McCabe openly says Bernie Sanders would be president had the Dems nominated him because of Bernie's ability to relate to Midwesterners and blue-collars in states like Wisconsin (I agree). In addition, McCabe notes that having gov't programs and job benefits NOT being available to all people plays directly into Scott Walker's "divide and conquer" game. So pushing benefits to all people and an economy that works for all people is the way to go.

There are DPW types who are skeptical of McCabe because apparently he was a GOP staffer a few decades ago and because they think his "independent guy/ both parties fail" act is cynical. Sorry, but I don't care. This is a guy who LISTENS AND OBSERVES what is out there, and is reacting to what he sees and is offerimg solutions.

Add in McCabe's upbringing as a Clark County dairy farmer, and this is the kind of voice people need to hear from Democrats, whether it's from McCabe, or someone with a similar honest, solution-based approach.

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  1. McCabe is a good person who knows the topography of Wisconsin politics. His approach is straightforward and focused on solutions. WisGOP, with our compliant corporate media's assistance, has been able to frame the political debate to serve their purpose--destroy our government, divide and conquer public- and private-sector workers, and redistribute the wealth to the 1%.

    Especially appealing is McCabe's observation that Dems have to get back to making government work for the people, not just serving the whims of the rich.