Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Random Comey/Trump thoughts

I'd write more about budget stuff, but with Trump's firing of Comey, I think we're at the crossroads.

1. Let's see if Republicans in Congress believe that the Legislative branch has any role in governing. If not, they're complicit in this treason, and we will treat them as such.

2. Sally Yates telling the truth in such a poised way scared the shit out of Drumpf. Funny how smart girls do that to him.

3. This president is not legitimate in any way. Not in his abuse of power, and not in his election, as we saw in this Washington Post report from this week which basically said that lower black turnout and related voter suppression gave Trump Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

4. The shit must come down legally on these criminals, or it will come down in a way that hurts a lot more of us.

Time to separate the traitors from the patriots, folks.

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