Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sinclair-Tribune merger = more RW crap in Wisconsin!

You may have heard about John Oliver's recent takedown of the right-wingers at Sinclair Broadcasting. That piece was partially driven by Sinclair's plans to buy Tribune Media, which was announced in May. Tribune owns or is affiliated with 173 stations, and it's one of the first mega-mergers to happen after the FCC voted in April to allow corporate broadcasters to buy a bigger share of stations by discounting the importance of UHF frequencies.

Oliver points out that if the merger is allowed, a lot more local stations would likely be getting Sinclair's "must carry" pieces on their newscasts, which makes Fox News' Islamophobia and "whiny white victim" mentality look like level-headed, balanced analysis.

And yes, there is a Wisconsin angle here.

Current Sinclair stations
TV18 Milwaukee
My24 Milwaukee
Fox 11 Green Bay
CW 14 Green Bay
Fox 47 Madison

Current Tribune Media stations
Fox 6 Milwaukee

Gee, as if we don't have enough right-wing crap in Milwaukee media. Now we are looking at 3 of the 9 (?) local stations in Milwaukee being owned by these right-wing dingbats, including the main broadcaster of Packer games.

FYI- Tribune also is associated with Antenna TV and This TV, which has affiliates all over the state and shows reruns of shows from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Not sure how the Sinclair deal and its "must carry news" plays in there.

Watch and boycott accordingly. Liberal media MY ASS!

UPDATE- And look what just dropped on Monday, as the TrumpRussia scandals goes directly to Fredo and former campaign manager Manafort!

Again, boycott accordingly.


  1. We seem to have this paradoxical thing going on - while it gets easier and easier to produce content on smaller scales whether that's an internet radio broadcast, a podcast, a YouTube channel or even a blog . . . we continue to get greater and greater concentration of ownership at the corporate level.

    Maybe news gathering is primed for the same sort of blossoming the craft beer industry has had.

    I had a glass of Dogfish Head 120 at Barleypop that damn near qualified as a religious experience.

    First feature of the new radio show - Truth for Trump. 140 words of honest citizen journalism in response to 140 characters of self-aggrandizing nonsense.

    1. That is a great contrast (and Dogfish Head 120 is indeed a great beer, and I'm not even an IPA guy).

      Allowing the consolidation of media is the worst thing Bill Clinton did, even more than deregulating Wall Street. It explains a lot of the mess that we have today, where there is more liberal thought than ever, but almost none of it is heard on AM radio or even on "legitimate" MSM coverage.