Saturday, October 6, 2018

It's not just that Walker spins and lies. It's that it's so easy to disprove

Sometimes, the shamelessness of this desperate grifter of a Governor is too much.

Spinning it as "look what unemployment was in 2010 and what it is now" is dishonest enough. But Gov Dropout goes one step beyond that and says "since we took office." And that drove me over the edge, and I had to respond. This research took all of 2 minutes on my lunch hour.

I copied in Tom Kertscher from JS Politi-"fact" because if he doesn't call that out and give Walker a "Pants on Fire" for that claim within the week, he and his bosses need to be called out and strung up.

It's one thing to be shameless POS like Walker is. But to lie so badly to people shows both intellectual laziness and a flat-out contempt for the average person that is sickening and disqualifying. Kind of like that hack Kavanaugh, come to think of it.

Quick aside- No one ever talks about how unemployment dropped by 1.1% in the last 12 months Jim Doyle and the Dems were in control of state government, or how we added more jobs in 2010 than we did in 2016 or 2017? Maybe we should.

Walker's been trying to tweetstorm how much better things are now vs 2010, but he always leaves out the obvious underlying fact that MOST OTHER STATES ARE DOING BETTER. I'll give you one small example, based on the newly updated state income numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (which also placed Wisconsin 6th out 7 in the Midwest for the 2nd Quarter of this year).

Wisconsin was dead last in this measure from 2013 through 2017, and have only slipped into 6th because Iowa flatlined last year. And no, don't let Walker and WisGOP try to spin one good year of "growth" that simply makes up for a number of years that underperformed, meaning that it starts from a smaller number to begin with.

Meanwhile, Minnesota continues to lead in this measure, partly due to better incomes but also due to higher population growth. Even more remarkably, Illinois has had more income growth than Wisconsin, despite losing population over this time period and allegedly being a train wreck that is everything Wisconsin should avoid. Funny what paying higher salaries will do.

There's plenty more I could dissemble, but I'm already getting my Brewers happiness mellowed out too much from the lousiness of our leaders. Besides, I suspect in the next 31 days, there will be plenty of other BS from Scott Walker and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP that will have to be countered. Can we just crush these bastards on Nov 6 so that they stop some of the insulting level of lying that they're currently trying to pull?


  1. Ah yes, the low unemployment rate. Politicians everywhere—Republican and Democrat alike—love to tout it and take credit for it, because it looks good and is so easy to do. But the unemployment rate, even when it isn’t being lied about, doesn’t account for underemployment. You know, all the college graduates working at Starbucks and driving for Uber and Lyft.

    Speaking of plenty of other BS coming from Scott Walker: it’s already here. Walker’s father died today, and he has been all over Twitter, asking for prayers, spouting Bible verses, sharing warm memories, and declaring faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Could this be a son genuinely grieving for his dad? In many cases, sure. But this is Walker we’re talking about. My guess is that he’s trying to make political hay with his fellow Christians, along getting with a healthy dose of voter sympathy.

    Think about it: your father dies, and instead of spending the day in private with family and friends, you’re posting on Twitter. Nice move, Governor.

    1. Meh, I'll give Walker the benefit of the doubt. It's a bad thing to lose a parent, no matter the age, and I'll believe his sadness and grief is genuine. Thoughts and prayers.

      Now, do I think it'll make Scotty realize there's more to life than grifting and amoral "divide and conquer" politicking? No, I don't. And that's why I have little problem with Tom's cynicism. Walker has earned that cynicism, and I won't be shocked to see the "grieving" Walker Tweetstorming more lies and smears within 24-48 hours.

  2. Classy move, 'Tom,' criticize another for how they communicate their memories and mourning. Like I always say to Jerkoff Jake, I never think I can hate DemocRATs any more each day, and each day one (or more) of you fucking worthless shitbags proves me wrong.

    1. HOORAY! I’m so proud! It’s taken 6 months, but I’ve finally been called a “fucking worthless shitbag” by WashCoRepub. Thank you, sir, thank you for validating my existence in the blogging world.

      Now if you’ll pardon me, I have further celebrating to do. THE BREWERS ARE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES!!!