Saturday, October 29, 2011

Memo to J-S Politi-crap.....WALKER IS GETTING A RAISE

Saw the Journal-Sentinel's Politi-"fact" try to spin Scott Walker's pay raise as something out of his control. RIIIIGHT. So Walker has the power to go ahead and decide to keep state worker base pay flat and centralize who gets raises and who doesn't, but when it comes to giving back his own pay raise? Well, then I guess his hands are just tied and there's nothing he can do.

Hey Politi-crap, WALKER CHOSE TO TAKE THE MONEY. He could have chosen not to take the money, and at least be consistent with his policies against state workers, (because, you know, we're "broke"). But HE DID NOT DO THAT.

That being said, I'll thank you for keeping this issue and its double-standard on the front burner, and thanks for reminding us in the thinking world of how paid off by the Bradley Foundation your publication has chosen to be. For my handful readers, let this pathetic spin-as-analysis by the J-S be a reminder to cancel the paper version of that oligarchial rag, if you haven't already, will ya? It's the only way they'll learn to write the truth.

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