Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick thoughts on the new state worker pay plan

Not that I'm surprised that a bureaucrat like me is looking at no pay raises for the next 2 years. I knew they'd treat us as second-class citizens and show no decency after cutting our take-home pay by 10% over last year, and the disrespect is almost humrous at this point.

I just wish Scott Walker and J.B Van Hollen and other public officials weren't getting $7,000 pay raises at the same time (see page 67), and other statewide officials were the others slated to be the only ones to get their salaries raised.

And I wish that when I was evaluated for any type of raise, it would be my boss in my department doing it, given that my boss might have some clue about what I do or don't do, and not leave it up to some Walker-appointed hack at OSER. But of course, this is a pattern of this administration as well- take away any idea of independent civil service, and replace them with flunkies who get rewarded for kissing the right ass.

If I wasn't confident that we only have a few more months of this transparent garbage, I'd be angry. But I'm not, as I know it'll make the revenge will be all the better.

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