Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busted ballot bags in the 262? Throw the votes out!

I admit that I'm disgusted and blown away by these reports of possible vote-tampering in a hotly-contested race in a county that borders Milwaukee. I mean, look at the pictures of these things. Sketchy as hell! No way can you trust this result.

Oh wait, those pictures were from Waukesha County in the Kloppenburg-Prosser recount last year. OK, so what did the GAB say about it? Well, here's how righty smear merchants Media TraKKKers put it.
The GAB statement explains that ”a hole in a ballot bag or a missing security tag is not enough evidence alone to discard the ballots inside. The ability to put a hand into a ballot bag is not by itself evidence of fraud.”

Explaining further, the GAB statement details election day procedures that run ballots through an optical scanner, which in turn prints off a data sheet. “Even if the container or bag is somehow opened later, or if the chain of custody is broken, election officials have the original print-out tape from the machine, as well as the electronic memory device from the machine” enabling “election officials to determine the election night vote count.”

Finally, the GAB has established an “internal review process to check each ward’s recount totals against the original canvass totals to look for variances of plus or minus 10 votes.” So far in Waukesha County, the GAB has found “no significant, unexplained variances of vote totals.”
And indeed, the GAB allowed Prosser to keep his seat in what I can chartiably call a disputed manner (or more honestly call corrupt and illegitimate), and continue to denigrate this state.

So flash forward to today. We have another recount of a close election that determines control of a key part of Wisconsin's government, this time the Lehman-Wangaard State Senate election in Racine. And once again, we are seeing concerns over a lack of security over the ballot bags. This time it's the GOP officials interrogating City fo Racine officials because a couple of ballot bags were apparently sealed with packing tape and not in the correct way.

Well, according to the Media TraKKKers article from last year, if no wards have changed by more than 10 votes, the GAB says there's no need to investigate further evidence of fraud. So let's go to the GAB's running totals on the State Senate recount, and see if that's happened.

Nope, biggest change in any 1 ward so far is in a polling place in the Village of Mount Pleasant, where Wangaard gained 6 votes and Lehman 3. Hilariously, the biggest change is not even the City of Racine, where the GOP is concentrating their complaints (I'm sure this has nothing to do with that fact that minorities in the district tend to live in the City of Racine - and that the Racine County GOP doesn't think dark-skinned people's votes aren't as legitimate as white guys' votes).

Then again, as the Root River Siren reminds us, Wangaard isn't calling the shots here- it's GOP operatives and their well-paid lawyers at Michael, Best and Friedrich. And those people do not care about consistency or fairness in elections.

Not surprisingly, our media is failing to honestly cover this part of the story. Because if they did, they would be asking these MBF and WisGOP mouthpieces the following question.

"If you're saying that the ballot bags show the integrity of the election has been compromised and the votes thrown out, couldn't you say the same for the Waukesha County votes that gave David Prosser the election in 2011?"

The mumbling and stumbling and attempts to talk around the Race-seen racism would be priceless. But hey, I'll make this deal with you WisGOP. I'll let you throw out the Racine votes in this race, if you throw out the Waukesha County votes in Prosser-Kloppenburg. And we'll get new people in power in both places.

Works for me if it works for you.

P.S. Excellent article on My Playful Self discussing the black box voting in Wisconsin, and suspicious outcomes as a result. Hey, if you in the GOP now have a problem with this, let's work together to solve it and make it more transparent.

But I bet you in WisGOP don't want it solved, now do you? Scumbags.

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