Saturday, July 7, 2012

Great moments in Journal-Sentinel false equivalency

July 6 Journal-Sentinel headline: "Barrett, Walker both received out-of-state money."

In the body of the story:
Walker raised and spent nearly $7 million in his final days fighting off the June 5 recall against him in an election that likely will double the previous state spending record. He raised 72% of the money from out-of-state contributors in the latest filing, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis. He took in $37.3 million overall, with 62% of that from out of state.

Barrett raised 48% of his money in the latest filing period from out of state. He brought in $6.6 million overall, with 35% coming from out of state.
Yep, Journal Sentinel math says 72% = 48% for the last month, 62% = 35% overall, and $23.1 million from out-of-state = $2.31 million from out-of-state

Yep, Walker got 10 TIMES the out-of-state money Barrett got, but according to the Journal-Sentinel, they both got something from another state, so it's really the same thing.

Well, I got two words for that type of jouralistic analysis. "FUCK" and "YOU."

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