Saturday, June 15, 2013

Polls show WisGOPs living in economic bubble world

UWM's quarterly Economic Report Card and poll for Wisconsin came out this week regarding the state of Wisconsin's economy and other transportation-related issues, and the topline result of 56% of state residents find the state to be "going in the right direction," is obviously a main finding. But there's also a large increase in the number of people who find this state's economy to be going down the drain, which seems to be quite a contradiction.

This may confuse you on first reading, but then you read the actual UWM report, and the answer becomes pretty clear. Wisconsin Republicans live in a delusional bubble and would rather root for their team than face the facts. Even "Independents" (many of whom are Baggers in hiding) are starting to see that it ain't working.
The two strongest predictors of opinion regarding the direction of the state continue to be political affiliation and personal economic situations....Most Democrats (69%) say the state is “on the wrong track,” while the vast majority of Republicans (87%) say the state is “headed in the right direction”. Opinion about Wisconsin’s general direction among partisans has not changed substantially since last quarter. Independents are evenly split on the question; 51% express a positive opinion regarding Wisconsin’s overall direction, while 49% hold a negative view. Opinion among political independents has changed significantly since last quarter, when 65% said the state was headed “in the right direction.”
Same trend shows up when people are asked about the current state of the Wisconsin economy.

Evaluation of current Wisconsin economy.

Dems 9% excellent/good, 91% poor/fair
Indys 25% excellent/good, 76% poor/fair
GOPs 56% excellent. good, 44% poor/fair

Even more hilarious is that the GOP numbers in both stats saying the economy is good is UP since February, despite the state LOSING 31,000 jobs in that times, the revelations that the state is dead last in job creation the last 12 months, and Philly Fed maps that look like this.



How can anyone look at these facts and stats and say Wisconsin's economy is good and getting better? But that's what a majority of GOPs believe (not think, beLIEve), in fact 20% MORE Republicans think the economy is good now compared to when they were asked in February. It shows how these dopes like to go into the bunker when their boys in WisGOP are being exposed instead of face up to the failure. Wimps.

But we shouldn't be surprised that GOPs live in a bubble. The Journal-Sentinel's Craig Gilbert hinted at it a couple of weeks ago where he quoted the findings in the May Marquette poll regarding views of the state's economy.
Take Wisconsin. The state trails the nation in job growth, only you’re a lot less likely to think so if you’re a Republican than if you’re a Democrat.

Wisconsin was 44th in private-sector job creation in the last quarterly census of employment. But in a statewide poll this month by Marquette Law School, just 26% of Republicans said Wisconsin was lagging behind other states in job growth -- compared to 70% of Democrats.
That's a full 3/4 of Republicans denying an unimpeachable fact- that Wisconsin isn't doing as well as other states. Admitting this fact doesn't assign blame to Walker policies or other factors, it's a simple yes/no question that can be found out through data.

Walker's budget massively increases borrowing for road projects (despite 77% of Republicans in the UWM poll opposing such a move- the largest percentage of any group), and you can bet the many failures and corruptions of WEDC aren't being discussed too often among right-wing world either (which explains why 84% of Republicans have "a lot" or "some" confidence in WEDC, while only 29% of Independents and 23% of Democrats do).

This bubble-world denial by Republicans goes a long way toward explaining why Walker made a "surprise" call into Charlie Sykes' radio show yesterday to commemorate Chuckles the Clown's 20th anniversary of being head Bradley propagandist on AM620. Walker and WisGOP needs the supporters to keep being lied to in order to remain ignorant of fact, which will allow them to continue to support WisGOP's regressive, failing policies. AM radio explains a lot of the reasons why those listeners remain ignorant, because you can bet Chuckles and Belling and Icki and Bader and the others aren't telling their listeners about these disastrous statewide rankings, or about WEDC's 2 years of mismanagement, or of the huge borrowing increases and structural deficits that the WisGOP state budget has in it.

Reince Preibus gave the game away after the 2010 elections, when he rode the GOP's propaganda-assisted wins to his current losing gig as RNC Chair, and credited Charlie Sykes as a major contributor.

Notice how Priebus has totally flopped on the big stage now that national media covers him. Just like Paul Ryan flopped when he was picked as VP and he couldn't be protected by JournalComm and other Wisconsin media. Just like how Scott Walker will flop if he continues with his delusions and tries to run for president in 2016 as the ex-Governor of Wisconsin. You see, the Wisconsin media may have a lot of self-interest in promoting the Walker policies and keeping GOPs in their bubble world, it doesn't work so well with the big boys in DC and New York, who like things in THEIR bubble-world, and they won't allow themselves to be seen falling for a college dropout buffoon with years of lies, contradictions and economic failures on his resume.

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