Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick preview of today's "most accurate" jobs release

Around 9am today, we should see the final 2012 numbers for the Quarterly Census of Wages and Employment. This was a report few of us even knew until Scott Walker and his campaign busted it out 1 month before the recall election, (and lied about the numbers, as well as refused to reveal Wisconsin's awful standing nationwide).

In the last QCEW, Wisconsin was 42nd overall for job creation over the prior 12 months, 44th in the private sector, and 45th for wage growth/loss. Don't expect much of that to change, given that the state's own reporting to the BLS has job growth at a paltry 1.2% year-over-year overall, and 1.4% in the private sector, well under the U.S. levels for 2012.

So keep your eyes open for this one, as well as any of the pathetic spin this administration will no doubt give about its failing policies. I got things to do today, but I may be back later to break down these numbers, and other jobs-associated ones.


  1. It's updated now: going beyond the single decimal point that the BLS tool rounds to, our 2012Q4 ranking in private sector job growth rate is 33rd, the 2012Q3 ranking being revised up from 44th to 41st, the 2012Q2 ranking revised down from 39th to 40th and the 2012Q1 ranking unchanged at 36th.

  2. Private sector job growth rate was 0.23% ahead of the nation in 2010; 0.67% behind the nation in 2011; 0.87% behind the nation in 2012.

  3. GT.
    A tepid report at best so Dems can't attack- there is improvement- and Reps can't crow- Wisconsin still sucks when it comes to job growth. The lack of response from both sides is at least refreshing. Maybe our fearless leader has issued a secret gag order to not talk about this anymore hoping that we all forget the promise that he has 'stamped on the forehead of all of his cabinet members'.

  4. I think there's a "gag order" because it's so easy to shoot holes in this being a positive report. It's still at or near the basement for the Midwest, and we know the months after December have sucked. Philly Fed still lists Wisconsin as having a contracting economy for the last 3 months, even with good May jobs numbers, because March and April were so awful