Thursday, April 24, 2014

Give em hell, Leo!

Heard this on the way home from work on Sly's show, and this is a rare opinion allowed out in the corporate media. United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard was bringing it on Ed Schultz's show regarding steel dumping and the damage it does to American workers. Leo gets rolling around 2:40.

Unrestricted trade DOES NOT WORK when there is a large discrepancy in wages and work conditions, as there has been between the U.S. and Mexico, China, and the countries involved in the TPP. The only people that are helped are the corporate CEOs that grab great profits at the expense of pretty much everybody else.

Any Dem that favors these unequal trade deals has to be taken to task and perhaps primaried out. IT.DOES.NOT.WORK. And yes, that message should be sent loud and clear to President Obama. Maybe Barack is getting that message, as his Department of Commerce is planning to slap duties on steel coming from Turkey and Mexico for dumping that product in the U.S., and for having the Turkish government help the dumping by subsidizing their steel producers. We need a whole lot more of it.

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