Monday, January 5, 2015

So Much Wrong Here

Yesterday's playoff game between the Lions and Cowboys was so wrong in so many ways. First of all, from the action on the field. Not that I ever recommend reading anything from the Murdoch Post, but this headline and caption is spot on.

That reversal was bad enough, but much worse was the scene when the Cowboys clinched the win by stopping the Lions on 4th down.

I know Chris Christie is a Cowboys fan, but what the hell is he doing in Dallas as the Governor of New Jersey in a game that doesn't effect either the Giants, Jets, or Eagles (who al have major Jersey constituencies)? He'd better not be charging a cent to the Jersey taxpayers for that trip (much like how our Governor Walker charges taxpayers for his out-of-state campaign trips), and are there other deals being struck in that luxury box with Cowboys owner (and GOP backer) Jerry Jones?

Oh, and let's also note that this game was being played in a stadium that is the result of large amounts of taxpayer dollars subsidizing the palace for the 'Boys billionaire owner.
[Robert] Cluck won his race for mayor [of Arlington] in 2003. The former obstetrician soon met with Jones, who said he wanted to build a $650 million stadium (the Dallas Palace ended up costing over $1.2 billion). The city agreed to contribute about half of that, Cluck said in an interview. Jones declined to be interviewed for this story.

“We offered them money to come here and build their stadium,” said Cluck, now 73. “We were just trying to help them out.” He knew after the first meeting that Arlington was “going to get the Cowboys,” according to the city history...

Cluck had to get the council and voters to approve revenue bonds backed by city taxes. To repay the proposed borrowing, voters had to accept a 0.5 percent sales-tax increase, a 2 percent hotel levy and a 5 percent rental-car tax.
The whole thing makes me shake my head, and not just because the Packers get a much tougher matchup with the Cowboys instead of playing the 8-8-1 Panthers. And this tweet summed it up well.

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