Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today's Sunday priorities

I could do a long post on why I'm loving the idea of President Obama asking for higher capital gains taxes (LOOOOOONG overdue, as this disparity in "legalized gambling vs. working" income taxes has led to a lot of our country's economic problems), but I gotta focus. And that's not just because there's no way the corporate-owned GOP Congress would ever allow their benefactors to have their casino get taxed more fairly. There are more important things going on in the world today.

Like this. Yes, the players are a bit dated and have moved on, but this team never is. Shock the world, Pack!

And if you want the best analysis over the air of this game as well as last week's, you need to check out Milw Alder Nik Kovac and others on Packerverse. You'll sound smarter when you're watching the game with your friends later today, and not just because of the X's and O's.


  1. No wonder nobody takes you serious. The economic problems couldn't be due to the massive debt and deficit, the jobless "recovery" or the trillions in money printing. No that couldn't be it. And for some reason you think taxing capital investment is going to be a good thing. Good luck moron.

  2. Jeez , and I thought I was taking Mike McCarthy's choke job badly.

    Yes Anonymous bitter white man, taxing legalized gambling (cap gains aren't "investment" into anything tangible) encourages people to pay their employees over hoarding. The last 100 years of history proves it. And if our deficit and debt are constraints, then why are our interest rates plummeting and our dollar soaring?

    And just because a "nobody" such as yourself might not want to take me seriously doesn't mean I'm wrong. Indeed, I've been right a lot more than your type ever will be. Mostly because unlike your type, I'm willing to accept that I can be wrong and learn something if reality tells a different tale.

    This is the problem with your type. Unlike today's Packer game, you bubble-worlders are somehow allowed to choose to ignore the scoreboard of results.