Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gordon Hintz's State of the State primer

Just in time for this evening, we get this excellent write-up from a top-notch legislator, State Rep. Gordon Hintz. Rep. Hintz released this State of the State "primer" predicting certain statistics and BS Gov Walker will try to throw out this evening at the Capitol, using some of Walker's pathetic spin in recent months.

Hintz's first point should be familiar to all 4 of you who regularly read this blog.
CLAIM: "We have at least according to two of the statistics from the federal government, the highest number of people last year working in the last 20 years." (http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/state-of-the-state-preview) 1/17/16

In May of 2010, Wisconsin had 3,074,000 people in the labor force (BLS). In May of 2015, Wisconsin had 3,076,000 people in the labor force. The labor force growth rate over the past 5 years is an anemic 0.01%. Compare that to the growth of Indiana (.41%), Iowa (.31%), and Minnesota (.61%) over the same time period.
Related to that, Hintz points out that Wisconsin's workforce participation rate has dropped by more than 6.8% since 1995, and their 1.82% drop in the last 5 years matches the drop in participation that right-wing spinmeisters try to use as a mark against the Obama Administration. Sorry Scotty, you didn't build that high participation rate, you haven't increased it since you've been in office, and you certainly don't get to take credit for the "low" 4.2% unemployment rate that's a result from that decline in participation.

There's another one Walker claim Rep. Hintz cites, one which Walker has constantly mentioned throughout his 5 years in office. What I didn't know until Gordon mentioned it was that there seems to be an ulterior motive for Walker continuing to cite this particular source.
CLAIM: “Chief Executive Magazine today ranked Wisconsin the “12th Best State for Business” in its annual survey of CEOs, an increase of two spots over the 2014 ranking, and a significant increase since 2010, when the state ranked 41st.”

Business leaders were asked to grade states with which they are familiar on a variety of competitive metrics that CEOs themselves regard as critical. These include: 1) taxation and regulation; 2) quality of workforce; and 3) living environment. The tax and regulatory grade includes a measure of how CEOs grade a state’s attitude toward business, a key indicator."

One of the State Advocate CEOs for Chief Executive.Net Magazine is none other than Diane Hendricks, Chairman of Hendricks Holding, Beloit, WI. Forbes Magazine estimated Hendricks' March net worth at $2.8 billion. Hendricks and her husband, Kenneth, built ABC Supply. She became chairman of the company after her husband died in 2007. The company posts annual revenue of more than $4 billion.

She was also Scott Walker’s largest donor, and yet owed no state income tax in 2010.
Yes, THIS Diane Hendricks.

It's bad enough when a Governor thinks that literally kissing up to CEOs is a mark of doing a good job (it usually means very bad things to real people), but when he doesn't reveal that "CEO Magazine" IS A MOUTHPIECE FOR ONE OF HIS OWN PUPPETMASTERS, then it looks even more pathetic.

And there are 4 other demolitions of Walker claims in Hintz's primer. Feel free to read the whole thing.


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    1. Sorry son, you ain't derailing this. By the way, Hintz was hilarious on Twitter tonight taking every idiotic statement down claim by claim.

      PS- Gordon was right about Litjens. If you got out of the Bubble and turned off the Sykes for more than 5 minutes, you'd know that. But suckers like you are why that fool has a "career"

  2. Only myself and three other people regularly read this? We should get matching shirts.

    1. Hey, 4 people makes for a bowling team, so I think that can be arranged!

    2. I check this blog every day.
      Best source of news in the state re: the state's crumbling economic picture.
      Thanks for all your work.

      You are the Numbers Man.
      I'll be on your team any day.

    3. Thanks for the kindness, Fighting Bob!

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