Thursday, June 16, 2016

Marquette Poll + Walker's pathetic reaction shows just big the RW bubble is

Another Marquette University Poll of Wisconsin dropped yesterday, and while much of the media attention falls to the solid leads that Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold have over Donald Trump and (mo)Ron Johnson, I can talk more about those figures in a later post. It was another set of numbers that grabbed my attention, and led to a remarkable gaffe by our fair Governor.

The Marquette Poll showed that the bump in Scott Walker’s approval was a one-time blip in March, as Scotty’s approval statewide fell from 43% to 39%, and with disapproval at 57%- basically back to where he’d been for most of 2015. Not really surprising, but relieving to know that others continue to realize what a buffoon this guy is, and likely aren’t going to allow this grifter a chance to connive his way back into their acceptance.

So how did Walker react to these numbers? In his typical “Unintimidated” fashion- making a lame excuse.
Asked about why that might be during a phone call with reporters from Mexico where he is leading a trade mission, Walker blamed the media.

“The headlines are always about negative and bad things so it’s no wonder that people feel that way in the polls,” Walker said.
Gee. Why would those headlines be bad, Scotty? Because we were in the bottom third for job growth in the U.S. last year (again), and are worst in the Midwest for jobs since you took office? Because all levels of public education are being cut and property taxes raised throughout the state because of your budget decisions? Because our roads continue to fall apart and you have no serious plans to make the investment necessary to fix them?

But so far this response was typical Walker, where Scotty goes out of his way to point fingers at anyone but himself and his failing policies, and the media is usually his last resort when his poll numbers tank. What made the statement noteworthy is what followed, as Scotty made a telling comment so bad that the Wisconsin State Journal’s Matt DeFour had to add context to it because it was so absurd.
Walker has been traveling around the state extensively since dropping out of the presidential race in September, conducting dozens of private, invite-only meetings with local elected officials and members of the public.

“Generally we hear good things (about the direction of the state) at the listening sessions,” Walker said.

The media have not been allowed to attend the private meetings.
When even the paid-off Wisconsin media is saying “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” (and make no mistake, giving that detail is the “legit” media’s way of saying a politician’s spin is pathetic), you know Scotty’s flailing.

These type of responses are why I constantly call the Wisconsin GOP and RW media a giant Bubble of delusion. That passage right there proves it. Take a look inside the Marquette Poll cross-tabs for various questions and see how at odds the right-wingers in the Marquette Poll were with self-described moderates in the state

Walker approval
Very conservative 84.1 approve, 11.2 disapprove
Conservative 69.8-25.0
Moderate 29.7-66.0

Wisconsin right track/ wrong track
Very conservative 91.2 right track, 8.4 wrong track
Conservative 72.9-23.9
Moderate 38.2-58.9

State budget better/same/worse
Very conservative 66.9 better, 18.3 same, 8.1 worse
Conservative 50.7-30.9-13.5
Moderate 22.1-28.6-41.8

This Bubble is why conservatives like Walker think things are fine, and lash out against polls that show the vast majority of Wisconsinites don’t believe it? These people are just that delusional, and out of touch with the rest of the state. Now, they have a Constitutional right to be that clueless (America allows you the right to be wrong and stupid) but that also should disqualify them from being in charge of any solutions for the many problems afflicting the state.

These fools have to go before they do even more damage on top of the wreck they’ve already inflicted on this once-great state.

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