Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sometimes a picture can say 1,000 words

Great cartoon from the Wisconsin State Journal's Phil Hands, who seems to have had enough of Gov Walker's excuses and spin jobs. Lots to see in this one.

The shadow of John Doe alludes to this, but you could probably add "GOP courtroom shenanigans" to this list. This includes the revelations in the federal trials on voter ID and redistricting showing how WisGOPs conspired to rig elections, and in the pro-Walker State Supreme Court shooting down Walker's attempt to run the Department of Public Instruction, which has led to Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel going to disgusting lengths to keep the DPI from defending itself in a case brought up by the Bradley Foundation's lawsuit mill to try to give extra money to a voucher school in the 262.

Hands' cartoon also illustrates one of the biggest problems in fighting the Destruction Crew known as Walker and the WisGOPs- there are so many places that they are messing things up and grabbing power that it's very hard to focus in on just one!

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  1. Thanks, Jake, I'm always wanting to smile and this cartoon indeed does that for me.

    SKW stands between the budget hole that grows in many directions and the destruction of transportation, schools, and his campaign bus--with a mountain of public records burning behind. SKW points at the media, while the light shining on him casts a John Doe shadow pointing at the destruction. So true.

    Hope for more light like this to be there for Dem voters during elections '16 and '18!