Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where you should go in Wisconsin...and not go

Been a busy Homecoming weekend in these parts, so haven't had much of a chance to write. But as the election fallout continues, I think one path that must be taken is shunning and boycotting areas that imposed this Orange Fool on our Country, and the Reign of Error that has been imposed during the Age of Fitzwalkerstan.

With that in mind, I give you the following list of counties where you should give your money to in this upcoming Christmas season and future day-trip destinations.

Counties that voted for both Feingold-Clinton
La Crosse
Eau Claire

Counties that voted for only Feingold

Avoid spending a dime in anywhere else in the state if you can. If these dingbats want to play "divide and conquer" and wreck this state and this country because their lives are so shitty, well let’s play. "But Jake, that'll just cause more resentment." So what? The only way these people will get off Crazy Train is through suffering direct pain, and be injured by right-wing rule. We may as well speed the process.

I’ll revise this a bit once the ward-by-ward reports come down from the Wisconsin Elections Commission (cities like Oshkosh, Racine and Kenosha and maybe even Green Bay/Appleton might be OK under this standing), but for now, use it as a guide.


  1. I get where you're coming from, but this is not useful. Dems NOT voting (whether due to voter suppression or HRC being a weak candidate) was a much bigger problem than any uptick in support of Trump.

    Boycotting specific companies would have some merit. By the logic of this post, it'd be A-OK to fill up with Kwik Trip gas (supplied by Koch Bros Flint Hills) in Dane County and drive to Milwaukee County (where we lost 43k Dem votes from 2012-2016, enough to swing the election) and spend oodles of money at MMAC businesses.

    Blaming or punishing voters or geographies doesn't get us anywhere. We need to find the Obama voters who didn't show up or voted 3rd party and bring them back into the fold; reach never-voters who couldn't be bothered with this shitshow of a campaign and get them to buy that there is a difference between parties and it's worth their time to vote. We probably don't even need to reach out to Trump voters, but I'm sure there's some segment of them who will be appalled and persuadable once Trump actually starts carrying out what he promised.

    If McDonalds doesn't hit their sales targets, they don't moan about all the terrible people going to Burger King, they figure out how to do better.

    1. Oh, I already have Kwik Trip and other GOP-supporting businesses like Menard's on the list, regardless of where they are. The geography boycotts should be in addition to that.

      I also agree that a strong progressive agenda is what will drive people to vote Dem and into not falling for the fallacy that "both parties are the same/my vote doesn't matter." But on the flip side, I think appealing to reason to certain people isn't worth it, they need a jolt to their lives to wake up.

      That can only come by economic disaster and related upheaval that reaches their doorstep. It needs to happen, so people can see that they are not immune from the consequences of backing such hateful incompetents for president, governor, or legislature.

  2. I agree, aren't the republicans always telling us to "vote with our pocketbooks."

    Ever since I heard of the antics of John Menard, I stopped going to Menards. I go to my local hardware store and support the local business.

    It would be great to have a list of places and manufacturors to avoid. A few years ago I saw an on-line list of Koch products and other Walker supporters to avoid. It seemed like my computer got a virus from that site, (was planted by the Kochs as retaliation to visitors?).

    I love Bayfield. It is a long drive from Milwaukee, but worth the trip.

  3. Good shit, useful. Want nothing to with racists, had have enough for several life times.

  4. So there's no racists in Dane or Milwaukee County or Fitchburg, MAL?

  5. With the Menards/ Trump group sex thing, do you think Wisconsin will not get much Trump attention?