Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baldwin schools Walker on quality of smack talk AND issues

This is what happens when a mediocre white male college dropout tries to get into a battle of wits with a graduate of UW Law School.

There's a lot wrong with that statement already, not the least of which is that Garland was never given a hearing for that SCOTUS seat, which means Walker's real problem should be with Ron Johnson (who rejected Garland's nomination immediately, saying President Obama was a "lame duck president" and allowing Garland's nomination to linger for 10 months instead of telling GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell to schedule a vote). But of course, Walker's just being a partisan jagbag.

Unfortunately for Scotty, he messed with the wrong Democrat.

BAM! And the rip at Walker on roads is doubly good, because Baldwin voted for a new highway bill in 2015, which boosted federal highway funding, and $40 million of that new money immediately went to add lanes to I-39/90 near Janesville. That's a nice federal bailout of the larger I-39/90 project from the Wisconsin DOT that we now know is more than $485 million over budget, after last week's scathing report from the Legislative Audit Bureau.

If Scotty had a brain, he'd slink off and stick to his day job. But Scotty is not smart and therefore, he replied with this.

And then Walker continued for something like 16 tweets, like a HS kid throwing a tantrum (you can click to Walker's "dark side" account to see the meltdown). UNINTIMIDATED!

In addition, it's a terrible take by our Governor that only Madison cares about the condition of the state's roads and bridges. Hey Scotty, are you telling me that those people in Janesville don't care about the I-39/90 project being delayed because of your idiotic "no-tax, no-fee" fealty to DC lobbyist Grover Norquist? Are you telling me that the numerous rural politicians of both parties that have called for a local sales tax to help their communities fix their roads don't care about the issue?

Are you telling me that these passages in the LAB audit about how non-major highways went to shit under your "leadership" isn't a concern for everybody in the state?
As shown in Figure 7, the proportion of non-backbone state highways rated in good condition by the pavement condition index decreased steadily from 51.5 percent in 2010 to 35.9 percent in 2015, while the proportion rated in poor or worse condition increased steadily from 7.5 percent in 2010 to 22.0 percent in 2015. DOT indicated that it spent a decreasing proportion of rehabilitation program funds on non-backbone highways in recent years in order to prioritize projects on backbone highways.....

32.2 percent of Wisconsin’s state highways were in good condition in 2014, as measured by the international roughness index. The proportion of state highways in good condition in Wisconsin was considerably lower than in six other midwestern states and the entire nation.
Sounds like Tammy's done her part in DC to fix this problem, but Governor Dropout hasn't.

Last night, Tammy's office responded by calling Scotty's bluff.

While I'd love to see Tammy wipe the floor with Walker in a Senate race in 2018 (Scotty knows he'd lose big, and won't do that), I'd love even more to see her kick Gov Walker out of HIS job next year. And don't bet against her, because this week showed that Walker trying to smack down Tammy Baldwin is him bringing a knife to a gun fight, and Scotty got blown away.

You see what Tammy did, Wisconsin Dems? That's how you do it- be direct, forceful, AND issue-oriented. Scotty can't respond without looking like a hypocritical clown. More of this please.

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