Thursday, February 16, 2017


Among many other things that were screwy with our President today, he failed math and recent history....bigly.

"Shit, that's what I was told. Sounded good. What more do I need?" Not really the words of someone in touch with reality, is it?

The real problem with this is not that Drumpf is rambling and saying this foolishness while corruption runs rampant and national security is compromised (though that's awful in itself). No, the real problem is that THE REPUBLICANS AREN'T DOING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO STOP DRUMPF. The great Charlie Pierce summed up this dilemma well today, and reminded us what a bunch of self-absorbed, spineless, unpatriotic scum that makes up today's Koch-owned GOP Congress.
By the end of Thursday's press conference, at which the president*'s trolley left the tracks far behind, Jake Tapper of CNN was saying that he'd gotten a text from a "Republican senator" who'd observed that what the president was evincing was behavior best left to a psychiatric clinic with very soft walls. Of course, this senator remains anonymous because, contrary to Hamilton's giddy optimism, they have no interest in taking the wheel from Toonces the Driving Cat until they get their tax cuts and their deregulation and their privatization and, if the car goes plunging off the cliff altogether, it's a small price to pay....

The leaks are real but the news is fake.

This is nuts.

There is no manual for dealing with this situation if the congressional majorities decline to write one. But the President* of the United States is showing his arse on worldwide television a couple of times a week now, and judicious people are now regularly speculating if he's utterly unstrung. How long can this go on? Nobody ever asked that question before, either.
That reality of the president being a clueless, senile, and dangerous fool made this Tweet from yesterday absurd and outdated from the moment it came out.

That picture right there helps explain why Sean from the Real World isn't running for Senator. Because any picture of GOPs supporting Trump is already political poison. How's that whole "change agent that'll drain the swamp" thing working out for you rural folk? Embarrassed yet?

I'd love to see what the real polling is saying in those Obama-to-Trump counties around now.

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  1. The "Stand by your Man" attitude of the Trump supporters is increasingly baffling. They're on board to a shocking degree according to the polling I just read.

    Democrats need to turn a couple Senate seats in 2018, and they need it some kinda awful. I don't care what else they do; they must have a majority in one House come the next census, or it'll be another decade of all Republicans all the time.