Sunday, June 11, 2017

Walker tweets BS on ACA, gets ripped all around America

Was at a family wedding across the border yesterday, but I saw this garbage statement from our fair Governor, ahead of his anti-ACA propaganda event with the VP yesterday.

What's funny is that the "28 million Americans without insurance by 2026" line is true. But that's what makes Walker's comment so infuriatingly dishonest. Because what he leaves out is that if the Republicans in DC pass Trump/Ryancare, there will be 23 MILLION MORE Americans uninsured.

Scotty knows this fact, and that he and his other Republicans have no solution for (or interest in) lowering the amount of Americans that are uninsured. But he thought he could slip this by, and confuse the rubes that wouldn't know the difference between "28 million uninsured" and "23 million more uninsured."

Scotty was wrong. Within hours, he was getting hammered all over social media. His tweet generated over 1,700 replies, almost entirely negative, and Scotty was the source of ridicule from US Senators and national writers.

It's Sargent's comment in particular that explains why Scotty's tweet pissed me off so much. SCOTTY KNOWS HE'S TRYING TO SELL DISHONEST BULLSHIT. He knows his primary strategy with the ACA was not to take the federally-funded expanded Medicaid, and instead push Wisconsinites onto the exchanges to get insured - exchanges that US Sen. Marco Rubio and other Congressional Republicans sabotaged with their defunding of risk corridors intended to encourage more insurance companies to make it worthwhile to sell insurance on the exchanges.

This is a classic case of the lie of omission, also known as paltering, and Walker does this a lot.
Past research has shown that people are more willing to lie by omission than they are to tell an outright falsehood, and over a series of six experiments, the researchers found that paltering is no different — to the teller, it feels more ethical, like something between the truth and a total lie. (They also found that it’s incredibly common: In one survey administered to Harvard business students, roughly half admitted that they had previously used paltering as a negotiation strategy.)

The problem is, those on the receiving end don’t feel the same way: Across the various experiments, people who learned that their conversation partner had paltered to them said they considered the move to be just as ethically rotten as telling a bald-faced lie. “A palterer may focus on the veracity of her statements, whereas a target may focus on the mistaken impression that was conveyed,” the authors wrote. “As a result, palterers may perceive their behavior to be moral even as targets perceive palterers to be dishonest and immoral.” In other words, telling some highly literal, incomplete version of the truth may ease your guilty conscience, but it won’t help your case if you’re caught in the act.
This makes sense, because Scott Walker's past shows him to be "ethically rotten".

Dems need to be loud and active in exposing the GOP's rottenness to a public that might not know the facts on health care and policy as well as we and Scotty do. If the people find out just how sleazy and dishonest Walker and other anti-Obamacare Republicans are being, maybe that'll get them off the sidelines and lead to the Dem wave in 2018 that this state and this country badly needs.


  1. The irony of the visit is that it was hosted at a company whose entire fortunes are based on the long-term care market, which is primarily funded by the same Medicare and Medicaid that the guests wish to cut.