Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dallet takes it, and not by a little. Scotty must be very intimidated

Not only did the good guys win the Supreme Court race, but it is a BELTING.

And this was even more impressively surprising. The GOP's power grab is going down by 20%.

Which means I plan to announce my candidacy for the open Treasurer seat in 2 weeks.....HAHAHA! APRIL FOOLS', HONEY! (I'm a little giddy about things tonight).

And not only am I giddy, but I see real hope and a sense that things might really be changing for the good. Dane County confirmed its voting power to the state, as Dallet is winning the county by 80,000 votes on near-50% turnout, a margin that swamps the WOW Counties. The GOP tried the same playbook that has been successful for much of the 2010s - loads of dark money from corporations and the NRA, lies in the campaign, and BS dog-whistles about "rule of law." And it WENT DOWN AND WENT DOWN HARD. Hope WMC enjoyed their $1.5 million investment in that doofus Screnock.

Think Scott Walker and Paul Ryan and other right-wing slime are having another WAKE UP CALL tonight? They should be. Dallet just showed how you beat the dirty dark money - by exposing the slimeballs and taking them head-on.

November is coming, you grifting scumbags.

EDIT Gov UNINTIMIDATED is scared and melting down! And the hypocrisy in this act is both hilarious and pathetic


  1. It's honestly a little surprising that Dallet/Screnock was as close as it was.

    The more than 20% margin vote on the state treasurer was frankly shocking. A real slap in the face to those who wanted it gone. Whomever the Dems decide to run for Gov should suggest putting some teeth back into that position.

    Get out among the people and find out why they want a Treasurer. I think people want somebody accountable directly to the voters to be minding the checkbook, but maybe that's just my Madison perception at work.

    Whether I'm right or wrong, there's a strong sentiment out there. Dems should pay attention.

  2. It would be interesting to look at voting in areas where there are citizen driven legal actions to protect the environment. There is a lot of organizing around CAFOs, mines and preservation of wetlands.

    1. Kewaunee County ended up near 50-50, and they're usually 60-65% Republican. Adams County was also 50-50 (had a big referendum driving up turnout), and the Northwoods shifted toward Dallet.

      I think that's a good theory, and certainly an area Dems should hammer on for November - both from a pollution standpoint, and in a "GOP doesn't care about you" theme.