Saturday, May 26, 2018

"Send us your huddled masses yearning to be free." 2018 GOP says "Not anymore"

Was hanging at home watching the Brewers and checking the Twitter when I saw the news about this atrocity crossing the wires.

With the crime against humanity going on where ICE agents are separating children from their parents as the parents try to seek asylum in America....AND THEN LOSING TRACK OF THE KIDS, this segment from John Oliver earlier this year seems sadly relevant.

As Oliver notes, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the one in charge of these immigration courts, and can give extra review to cases himself. The Keebler Elf is also responsible for the "zero tolerance policy" that started earlier this month which is resulting in the separation of parents from their children into separate detention centers.

Congress could hold hearings and end this policy tomorrow (or at least make Trump veto it), but Paul Ryan has actively tried to discourage a discharge petition to bring immigration issues to the floor. And why? Because Purty Mouth Pau-lie would rather have Republicans be the only people in Congress that decide issues (locking out 45% of Americans represented by Democrats) and caring more about holding onto the votes of racists rather than follow the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans who want this issue to be dealt with humanely.

This story pissed me off so much I gave some bucks to the Wisconsin ACLU this morning, and recommend that you do the same. And maybe our Dems in Congress can defund the unaccountable ICE in the next budget (which needs to pass before the next election) and this time SHUT IT DOWN AND KEEP IT SHUT DOWN if the GOPs won't do the right thing. And those are the legal measures to take, but I sometimes doubt those will be enough to start to eradicate this evil of Trumpism and the authoritarians that are today's GOP.

Oh, and look who's dropping the ever-so-subtle dog whistle while this is going on.

The bottom line is that the GOP is a party that is fine with racist, xenophobic policies, because they feel it's the most likely way they can win elections. Which makes ALL GOPs complicit, from the donors to the puppet politicians to gutless voters who try to insulate themselves from their complicity by saying "Well, I don't believe that." Silence is acceptance at this point, and all must be outvoted and shunned by the decent people of this state and the country.

On this Memorial Day weekend, the United States is rapidly becoming what we are supposed to despise. We crush the hopes of those who want to make themselves better in a new land, and a class of royalists at the top that think they can impose their will on anyone else while avoiding accountability to the rule of law themselves.


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