Monday, May 14, 2018

Today's GOP will go as low as they can. In DC and in Wisconsin

As I've stated before Bill Maher is very hit or miss with me. But he may have had one of his best 'New Rules" yet this weekend, where he compared President Donald Trump to another type of Don. And not a cool one that could run a casino competently.

“What part of this isn’t mob-like? They’re using a legitimate front business – in this case the White House – to enrich the Family…

I always thought of [Trump] as an egomaniac and a blowhard. But I didn’t realize until this very year that he was a cheap hood all along. A common thug.”

Maher also says some words about a circumstance that has made me shake my head a lot in the 2010s. Why do people in the “honest, decent” Midwest, people who claim to live by morals and a strong work ethic, continue to support amoral grifters like Trump (and local versions like Scott Walker)?
“How did the “Salt of the Earth” people get messed up with the “Salt in the Wound” people? What happened to your values? What happened to good manners and monogamy. You’re the “My word is my bond” people. These guys lie just to stay in practice.

You’re all about an honest day’s work. Trump watches TV until Noon. You’re frugal. They spend like identity thieves who got your PIN number. You’re stoic. Trump’s a whiny bitch.”
It’s noteworthy that the “whiny bitch” and “common thug” lines got the largest applause from the audience. Most of us that oppose Trump and other GOP thugs do don't so out of fear or because we're waving blue Poms-Poms – it's because WE SEE THROUGH THEM, and are tired of waiting for justice and the average dope to catch up, and deal with the reality that's right in front of our faces.
The thuggery from Trump has clearly trickled down to today’s Wisconsin GOP. You may remember that US Senate candidate Leah Vukmir released this piece of trash last week as she defended torture-enabler Gina Haspell to head up the CIA.

Apparently in Leah Vukmir's world, being pro-torture is "American values", and opposing stupid wars and asking that all those accused of crimes still be given the presumption of innocence and to be treated humanely is "pro-Terrorist." Duly noted.

Bad enough, but you'd figure this type of inflammatory crap would get Vukmir cast out of any political party that had an ounce of decency. Instead, the Wisconsin GOP ENDORSED HER at their convention this weekend. So the clear majority of the Wisconsin GOP's biggest backers are cool with this type of divisive slime representing them. Again, duly noted.

Oh, and there was this tidbit from the convention late Saturday afternoon.

What Trump and Vukmir and the vote-suppressors in the Wisconsin GOP shows is that there is no central belief in today's GOP that's based on policy. Everything centers from grabbing and (ab)using power and money by any means possible. And they do not care who they hurt or what kind of damage is done to our economy or our democracy along the way.

The GOP “base’s” support of candidates like Trump, Walker, Vukmir and the associated crookedness and hatred that comes with it means there are no "good ones." They must not just lose this next election in November. They must be ERADICATED from our Capitols in Madison and DC for several years. All are guilty, because none have stood up to stop this authoritarian madness from happening. So ALL MUST GO.

And as Maher reminded us at the end of his segment on Friday, those who stick with Trump and Trumpists aren't tough in any way, shape or form. And they need to look in the mirror.
“This is what you get when you get in bed with the mob. And maybe that’s OK with you. Maybe you said to yourself, ‘This is the business we have chosen.’”

But I gotta say, if you sold your soul to get protection from these 2 grandmas (Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton), the Big Pussy is YOU.”

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