Monday, February 24, 2014

Escaping the vortex....and the Walker train wreck

Can't talk in too much detail on this weekend's developments, mostly because it's 85 and sunny where  I'm at for this week.

   So instead, I'll direct you to Charlie Pierce, who discusses Governor Walker making a fool out if himself of "Fox News Sunday". The fact that our Right-wing governor gets asked tougher questions on a Faux News than he does back home should be something that humiliates every Wisconsin journalist. But I bet it doesn't, which is how this guy is still in office.

  I'll also forward you to the guy who's been on top of John Doe more than our media has- Capper at a Cog Dis. Not only does he also discuss the FAIL on Faux News, but he brings up a few other deceptions Walker tried to slip in that interview.

  Not that I miss being out of the polar vortex, but things on the scandal front look like they'll be moving along quite a bit this week.


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  1. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. *shivers here*