Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweet 16 Dance for Bucky

Monster road win for the Badgers in Ann Arbor. Great offensive execution in much of that game, and if they hit some more of their open looks, that would have been a 20-point rout against a top 15 team. This season sure has turned around in the last 8 days, that's for sure. And with this being Bucky's 21st win, I can safely say that they are a LOCK for the Big Dance in March for the 16th straight year (!).

Ah, the '70s. When irony and sarcasm apparently didn't exist.

Heck, the Badgers keep winning like this, and I'll be seeing them in Milwaukee. Which would be a blessing for the atmosphere...and a curse for getting tickets. But it's a problem I'd love to have.

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