Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wisconsin is top 6! Oh wait...

Heading out on vacation for a week, so blogging will be down. But wanted to draw your attention to the latest weekly jobless claims by state report, from the US Department of Labor. This is for the week ending February 8, and is a week after Wisconsin had the highest jump in unemployment claims in the country (over 5,000 more).

The good news (if there is any) for Wisconsin is that the state had a drop of 809 in new claims from the previous week. But here's the bad news.

Most new unemployment claims, week ending Feb. 8
1. Cali 64,049
2. Penn 26,171
3. N.Y. 23,610
4. Tex. 17,139
5. I'll. 14,573
6. Wis. 13,947
Wisconsin is 20th in U.S. population. That's not so good.

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  1. We might even "beat" Illinois once the American TV liquidation sale is over.