Saturday, March 29, 2014

Go get em Bucky (if I can find the broadcast)

Obviously, I'm growing impatient with waiting for the big Elite 8 showdown between Wisconsin and Arizona tonight. I plan on being out and about in Madison watching and (hopefully) enjoying myself at some establishment with friends. But I understand that a lot of you don't have that ability, and also might want to catch Lucas and LePay's call of the game. So let's see where we can find it?

In Madison- Is it on 1070, 1310, and/or 101.5 FM? Looks like it's certainly on 101.5, but since Badger hockey suffered a heartbreaker last night to get knocked out of the NCAA tourney, the Pucky Buckys won't be on there. So is Bucky going to be on 1070, or will 1070 have the national Westwood One broadcast, and the Badgers will be on 1310? Or will they not be on AM at all? If I can't answer that question, and I can't tell from going to those stations' websites, does that seem like the mark of a major program playing it's biggest game in at least 9 years?

Likewise in Milwaukee- The Bucks are playing the Miami Heat tonight in a half-full Bradley Center (I don't care if LeBron and/or D-Wade is playing, people don't even know the Bucks exist any more, let alone see them get stomped by the indifferent two-time defending champs). But guess what's on AM620- that's right, the Bucks. Where are the Badgers? Looks like they're on AM920 tonight, but if I didn't know what UW's second or third-level station was in the state's largest media market, would I be able to find it? Or care to?

This type of jerking around with UW broadcasts is why I called for them to be off of WTMJ 4 years ago, and fortunately, this will be the case for good starting this Fall, as Badger sports will move entirely off the Sykes station, and onto 920 and FM 95.7.

In addition to having a permanent home, it is also heartening that UW sports won't be an enabling factor the 9 hours of hate, as AM 620 relies on listeners staying with the station after the previous evenings sports broadcasts, which gives those propaganda shows much higher ratings than they would otherwise get. It also allows their lying promos to be included as part of Badger broadcasts, giving a captive audience to their often anti-Madison lies.

However, other stations like 1310 in Madison still have Badger programming, which means Bucky enables trash like Icki McKenna, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn WHAAAA-nity, even though Badger basketball is often pre-empted on that station. With that in mind, I believe it is well past time for a campaign of our own for this Spring and Fall, one that might include billboards like this.

There is no question in my mind that being associated with stations that broadcast sports is something right-wingers in Wisconsin exploit, using the sportscasts as a gateway to the hate and division that is driving this state into the ground. Drawing attention to that connection might make for more than a few uncomfortable conversations between Wisconsin's sports teams, their radio affiliates, and the stations that advertise on hate radio. And maybe that campaign will also wake up more than a few Wisconsin to the subliminal advertising that this destructive right-wing agenda has received, and maybe they'll ask some tough questions of their own.

But hopefully you can find the Badger broadcast signal in your neck of the woods, because if Bucky pulls this off (and I think they have a decent shot to do so), it'll be a helluva lot of fun to hear the postgame show.

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