Monday, March 3, 2014


   Just a few brief thoughts on disgraced Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer, who will likely lose his spot as No. 2 GOP in the Assembly after accusations of sexual harassment and other disgusting behavior towards women at a GOP fundraiser in DC.   Apparently, GOP Assembly members will meet tomorrow to decide if they want to take Kramer out of his position, and to decide if they want anyone to take his place in the last few weeks of this session.

You know you want some, baby.
Naturally, Kramer is trudging off to rehab in light of this revelation (yes, because booze is so magical it turns an otherwise decent person into a harassing scumbag. Strangely, this doesn't happen to vast majority of us who partake). But while Kramer's behavior could have stunned some who don't pay attention to state politics, it should not have been a shock to GOP leadership. Cognitive Dissidence nailed this guy when he was named Majority Leader 6 months ago, with a post titled "Assembly WISGOP Pick Drunken Gun-Toting Misogynist as Their Leader." It notes that when Kramer was chosen as Majority Leader, members of his own party had concerns.
Assembly Republicans today elected Rep. Bill Kramer to be the next majority leader despite Rep. Chris Kapenga accusing his GOP colleague of displaying a pattern of inappropriate behavior that made him unfit to hold the No. 2 spot in the chamber.

Kapenga, R-Delafield, made the allegation while giving one of the two nominating speeches for Rep. Dean Knudson for the post. He also charged there was an incident at an American Legislative Exchange Council event last month in Chicago. But he did not provide details in his speech and declined to provide specifics when he was approached by a reporter following the vote.

Kramer, R-Waukesha, shrugged off the allegation, which sent a ripple through the room ahead of today’s vote, saying “Things get said in a campaign.”

“I have heard that something happened at ALEC, and everybody I’ve talked to said they heard something inappropriate happened at ALEC,” Kramer said. “I haven’t run into anybody that saw something inappropriate happen at ALEC. Apparently, I had a pretty good time. What that means, I have no idea because the night in question I was home early.”
Again, a majority of GOP Assembly members thought this guy was just swell, and elected him majority leader. Wonder what led them to that conclusion? Maybe it was because he could bang the gavel and berate those Madison liberals! Cog Dis is also the place to find an article discussing Kramer showing an especially classy side of himself in November.
Apparently, Vindictive Bill, who hates [Madison State Rep.] Chris Taylor with a passion, got upset that Ms. Taylor did not know her place.  Bill then told the Dem party -  "Shut up you asked for it."  - and passed [a] bill he said he would not pass.   
H/T Rebecca Kemble(who truly deserves the Pulitzer):
Wis Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer said he went back on an agreement to table the "Choose Life" license plate bill because of Chris Taylor tweet:

@ChrisTaylorWI "Choose Life" license plates pulled from Assembly agenda tonight. Have Republicans seen the light, or just not up for the fight?
Naturally, that money from the license plates will go to the anti-choice group Choose Life Wisconsin.

But just because the Wisconsin GOP has passed that and numerous other bills restricting reproductive freedom and other women's health care is no reason to believe the "War Against Women" is actually happening. I mean, we know WisGOP is an inclusive bunch. Just look at this picture from last week with Assembly GOP leadership hanging out with Cong. Paul Ryan.

And no, the Wisconsin GOP and its spokespeople on talk radio see nothing unusual at all about this picture of 6 white guys in dark jackets.

I understand that these guys idolize Reagan, but does that also mean they have to maintain the workplace values of the 1980s as well?  No wonder these guys and their pale, male voters are so angry at the modern world. They still want their little boys club to exist where they don't have to work as hard and be decent to others.

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