Sunday, October 8, 2017

This just in..

Aaron Rodgers is really good. Appreciate what you're witnessing, folks.


  1. Nice he kept his little Social Justice Warrior trap shut and just played ball for a change. Guess he learned the hard way when his 'Link Arms' plan bombed so hard last weekend in Green Bay among the fans!

    1. Yeah, how dare Rodgers ask that all Packers be brothers that are treated equally!

      Demanding equality is a Packer tradition dating back to Lombardi telling his team that any place that refused to serve black players was off-limits to the entire team.

      But maybe a W(HITE TRA)sh Repub like you should root for the Cowboys, since Jerry Jones runs his Tex-ass mouth about how he won't tolerate players who "disrespect the flag" (whatever that means). Jerry is also an alcoholic womanizer with ZERO Super Bowl appearances in,the last 21 years, and a team that can't hold a 15-point lead at home in a game they had to win. But he's "'Murrikan".

      By the way, that Mike Pence stunt at the Colts game yesterday is getting ripped in all corners, especially since Pence LIED HIS ASS OFF about leaving early. He was actually taking a (taxpayer-funded) flight to LA to do a fundraiser with pro-Putin Congressman Dana Rohrbacher.

      I'll take my "SJW" QB, who was saying last week that something had to be done about gun,violence after the massacre in Vegas. And then he went out and pulled an all-time comeback on Sunday against the team most real Packer fans hate most.

  2. Jake, your post as it began was exact. It was about enjoying watching football, which I do. And it could have been a perfect comment about a great moment...

    Then the prolific 262 chimes in about who should keep their "trap shut." You don't like Rodgers--what a big Packer fan. The fact that Packers link arms, rather than doing what Jerry Jones and Pence want, means little to my appreciation for football.

    Just wish this whole deal the NFL has with DOD since 2009 would return before that time, when I liked the Pack just as much. Football fans don't buy tickets for experiencing the national anthem, and we don't ejaculate when the jet bombers fly over.

    1. In fact, I'd argue the fake-triotism is a sizable turnoff to those of us who JUST WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL.

      And now with Commissioner Goodell caving in to Trump and other stupid white guys by asking players not to do any expressions during the national anthem, it's really shown how little the overwhelmingly white and absurdly rich owners think about the players.

      Combine that with the NFL's disgusting record on player safety and general disregard for these men's well-being (including the greed of short-rest Thursday night games and the lack of guaranteed contracts), and that's something that makes me much less likely to want to be interested. They want these boys to "shut up and dance", and don't give a fuck about how they should be properly treated as people.

      If I wasn't lucky enough to watch the greatness of Rodgers every week, I'm not sure I'd be watching at all.

  3. So the President thinks people who refuse to behave exactly in the manner he desires should be fired. Others I've read think they should be jailed, deported or shot.

    Nope. No worries about totalitarianism here. Compulsory patriotic displays are un-American totalitarian bullshit and should be rejected on principal by all free, thinking people. Displays of respect are meaningless when they are coerced.

    This rightish response is all thought police bullshit - the problem isn't that they're kneeling or locking arms. The problem is they have an opinion the culture warriors despise and a platform from which to make a statement.

    I'd say the time has come for players to take positive and public action on their ideals. Sure - stand and lock arms if you like. What's next?

    I read that Clinton-Dix is finishing or has finished a degree in Criminal Justice with a mind to trying to improve relations between law enforcement and the community at large. The article here discusses his internship with the Green Bay judicial system.

    That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Protests are all the better when there's positive action to back them up. I know the NFL does truckloads of community outreach - I can't be the first person to think there could be a useful link there.