Sunday, December 31, 2017

As 2017 ends, THANK YOU

As both 2017 and a lousy Packer season comes to a merciful close, time for a few year-end reflections and thank-yous.

First of all, it's pretty clear that we are at a crossroads for a lot things in this state and this country. The majority of this country sees through the GOP's corruption, lies and trickle-down bullshit, and if the will of the majority holds in the next 10 months, we will see significant changes at both the Congressional level, and in many statehouses (including Wisconsin). But if the abuses of power and GOPper-ganda lies are allowed to stand, and if this Wrecking Crew stays in power at the state and federal levels, then we might never come out of the hole or corporatism and fascism that is threatening. And the decline into chaos and depression will be rapid and longer-lasting.

I'd like to have optimism that the good guys and reason will win out. But the last 7 years have shown that this cannot be relied on to happen naturally. The average dope is too busy trying to survive in 2010s America to think deeply about political and economic issues, and the forces of evil have worked harder than the forces of decency to trick people and deform democracy and governance in the age of Citizens United and "alternative facts." Which goes along with the bad guys being sociopaths vs normal, decent people, I suppose.

So we have to blast back harder, and not rely on the better angels to effect change. We need to break through the Bubbles of Bullshit that far too many live in, and mock those who remain in them, to show bystanders that these weak-minded blowhards are not worth listening to. And the way we win is on IDEAS, HONESTY and UNCOMPROMISING VALUES that go beyond a "D vs R" frame. Sure, most facts lean toward liberals and Democrats, but to portray it as a partisan thing is not going to have the power (and truth) than if we recognize issues as choices between "right and wrong".

Admitting trickle-down has failed 99% of this country is RIGHT. Demanding that people not go broke because of medical issues is RIGHT. Having politicians work for the public that pays their salaries instead of the donors that pay for their campaigns is RIGHT. Being a lying, cynical Piece of Shit that thinks you can grift your way to success on the backs of rubes is WRONG. Avoiding problems instead of trying to figure them out instead of solve them is WRONG. Thinking the value of our state's amazing natural resources only come from the exploitation by corporate slime is WRONG.

But enough preaching, and onto the thank-yous.

There are two reasons that I write here. One is that it allows me to vent to keep my sanity in a state and a country that far too often seems to have lost theirs, especially when it comes to discussing economics and politics. The other is because despite being a very cynical person, I still believe that if enough of us bang on the door and relay the word to others, and then those others relay the word and change the conversation, that eventually that door comes crashing down on the forces on evil. As that happens, maybe we can change our approach to certain concepts, and have it lead to a positive change in our fractured society.

While it's sickening to think about all the evil and regressive crookedness that runs our nation and our state these days, I'm also heartened by the possibility that this can be stopped and turned around. I'm going to keep reflecting and writing here next year, and hopefully it can help send the message out there in Internet-land that you are not alone for finding a lot of this to be bullshit. I also hope it helps you to explain things to others as events happen, and have them gain a greater understanding of these things in an increasingly complex and noisy world.

I joke about how I only have 5 readers, but in all honesty it shocks me who have told me they read this place, the forwards of my posts that I see on Facebook and other social media, and which people I've been able to come into contact with as a result of this hobby. I even made a passing reference a few months ago about how I get a small kickback in ad revenue when people click, and I noticed an immediate uptick in clicks and money coming in. It's not near enough to make me consider leaving my real job, but it's still pretty cool, and I need to do the same in 2018 for other blogs that do a great job getting the truth out in this state (note the list to the right of this page).

YOU make this happen, and it's truly humbling to have the feedback and readership that I do. I hope I can do more to fire you up and keep you interested/entertained/informed in this Funhouse in 2018. Let's make this crucial year a great one for the forces of decency, but let's also have some great experiences on the way there.



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  2. I was going to publish Bradley Boy's crap (it was ad hominem weak sauce). But no, I'm not going to let that paid troll take things off course. Not today.

    Can you imagine being such a needy and jealous dead-ender that spend tens of hours a week trolling web sites because...?

    I am done with these selfish, mediocre W(HITE TR)ash Co scum ruining my state and my country. It must be changed, and "going high" is,not the way to remove these amoral thugs.

  3. Jake, thank you for providing a space for people to vent and express our thoughts. That's what blogging is all about.

    2017 has been not a good year for me, and it helps to have a place to just say what you think, knowing you're not crazy by questioning mainstream life and media.

    Tomorrow's a birthday for me (son of an accountant who planned in starts of new Fiscal Years); I wish you well and hope 2018 will give us reason to be a happier and better people.

    1. Happy early birthday, and let's all have a better 2018.

  4. Thank you Jake for your brilliant blogs. Your blog like several others in WI offer insights not available through traditional media. You have a gift for making complex issues and facts easier to understand. PM

  5. I figure I'm better informed going into 2018 for having read your blog and a few from your list in 2017. Well done.

  6. From a reader via the direct line-


    Just wanted to let you know I like all the information you have on your website. Great resource to find factual data about WI. With all the right-wing radio nonsense people listen to every day in Southeast WI, they never get a fact based perspective. Hope you are enjoying your holiday."

    Thanks for those kind words, and you can bet the paid-off slime at AM1130 and AM620 will be turning up the nonsense this year. We must respond and expose them as liars and charlatans.