Thursday, December 21, 2017

GOP slime tries to end accountability, and Michael Haas kicks back

In light of the comments by Human Toad/ Senate GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald as he tries to fire Wisconsin Elections Adminsitrator Michael Haas for being OK with investigating GOP money-laundering schemes, Haas decided to reply back.
In an interview with Wisconsin Radio Network and article published December 20, 2017, Speaker Vos stated “The idea that individuals who potentially are on the short list of having committed a crime are now going to be in charge of running ethics and elections seems preposterous to me.” The article stated that this remark was made while Speaker Vos defended his calls for the resignations of myself and Ethics Administrator Brian Bell. Again, there is absolutely no basis for alleging that Mr. Bell or I are potentially on any short list of having committed any crime, much less have committed any crimes.

My work as Staff Counsel and then Elections Division Administrator was barely mentioned in the Attorney General’s report regarding investigations conducted by the G.A.B. Nevertheless, legislators and others who were not privy to the evidence analyzed and considered by the G.A.B. staff and its Board have issued angry statements blaming me and calling for the Senate to deny confirmation of my appointment as Elections Commission Administrator. Still, neither the Attorney General nor any elected official has articulated either to me or in public what I supposedly did wrong as a member of the G.A.B. staff or related to its investigations.

Your statements implying that I have been involved in criminal activity are verifiably false, and you have not offered the least bit of evidence to support those claims. You are aware that those statements are untrue and yet you made them with the intent that they would be made public and reported by the media.

As elected representatives and leaders of the Legislature, you help to set the tone of civil discourse and political debate, as well as the statements and opinions of your colleagues. Your elected offices and leadership positions do not give you license to defame and slander my personal and professional reputation or that of other staff affiliated with this agency or the G.A.B., and to use those false statements to negatively impact my career. In short, I am requesting that you stop trashing my name and reputation.

I request and trust that you will clarify your remarks and issue a public apology. I am also requesting to meet with each of you prior to the Senate considering confirmation of my appointment as Administrator. Finally, I am calling on representatives of the media to demand support for any statements alleging criminal behavior and to carefully consider whether to publish careless statements accusing either me or other members of the G.A.B. or its staff of criminal conduct.

Or, in other words Fitz, and Icki, and Belling, and Schimel, and the rest of you RW crooks.


  1. Great observation.

    That last paragraph shows that public administrators CAN stand up to this dumb GOP attack (which our mainstream media "validates") that Fitzwalkerstan pushes on us.

    People don't go to college for the purpose of being a powerless, unappreciated toady for "bo$$e$" that hate them. Stand up for yourselves, and thank you Mike Haas.

  2. Sue the living sh... out of Voss. The popcorn man must go.