Monday, December 18, 2017

Roll call- what's your property and wheel tax this year?

Given that our fair Governor is jetting around the state on taxpayer-funded campaign trips events and selling numerous Tweets claiming that property taxes are lower in Wisconsin than they were 4 years ago, I figured I'd take an unscientific poll around the Funhouse and see what we get as an answer.

The question: Are you property taxes up or down vs last year?
The required answer: The amount of change AND the name of your municipality (so I can check and see if you're bullshitting).

For example, our property tax in the City of Madison went up $182 vs last year. That's a 2.6% increase, which I should probably expect given that our property value went up by 5% last year.

Also, feel free to mention if you are in a community that has a local vehicle registration fee (aka "wheel tax). As the Wisconsin DOT notes, many of these have been put into place in the last year -a direct result of state revenue sources failing to keep up with needs.

Appleton (city; $20)
Arena (township; $20)
Beloit (city; ​​$20)
Eden (village; $20 beginning for November 2017 registrations)
Evansville (city; $20 for January 2018 registrations)
Fort Atkinson (city; $20)​​
Gillett (city; $20)
Iron Ridge (village: $10)
Janesville (city; $20)​
Kaukauna (city; $10)
Lodi (city; $20)
Milton (city; $30 beginning for April 2017 registrations)
Milwaukee (city; $20)
New London (city; $20 for January 2018 registrations)
Platteville (city; $20 beginning for March 2017 registrations)
Portage (city; $20 beginning for April 2017 registrations)
Prairie du Sac (village; $20)​​
Sheboygan​​ (city; $20)
Tigerton​​​ (village; $10 beginning for September 2016 registrations)

Chippewa County ($10)
Iowa County ($20)
Lincoln County ($20 beginning for January 2018 registrations)
Marathon County ($25)
Milwaukee County ($30 beginning for March 2017 registrations)
St. Croix County ($10) ​

I'll also note that this list does not include Dane County, which just approved a $28 registration fee for their 2018 budget. It also doesn't count the Brown County cities of Green Bay and De Pere, who both have taken steps to put in a wheel tax, but has yet to formally approve it.

Lastly, let me know if you live in a county that has or will be adding a 0.5% sales tax in 2017 and 2018. This includes Brown, Calumet, Kewaunee, and Sheboygan Counties.


  1. BWAAAHAHAHA enjoy your wheel taxes, ya dumb fookin' mooks. Maybe if you'd start electing fiscally responsible governmental bodies that know how to budget, you wouldn't have that issue. But hey, you socialist hurr-durrs love taxes anyway, so pay up, buttercup!!

    1. WTF are you talking about Gtown boy? Walker has increased debt service costs and the state debt since being elected and that's on top of cuts to education, cuts to state parks, cuts to road repair.....I'm sure their are more cuts Walker invoked that help his deficit spending look good enough to fool the likes of you. Hey didn't your idols in DC just vote to increase the deficit while at the same time causing an eventual cut in service for America?

  2. I notice that Bradley Boy didn't answer the question about property taxes.

    Our wheel tax is the price of growth, and since Walker's DOT isn't turning our streets and County highways into state roads (like he is with the Fox-con), we gotta pay for the upkeep somehow.

    Besides, why are you talking about "fiscally responsible"? Wash Co is so broke they wanted to merge with Ozaukee County to cut costs. But hey, enjoy those $10 in tax savings.

    And enjoy sitting in traffic on Hwy 45 as the Zoo Interchange gets delayed some more, all to stay on the good side of DC lobbyist Grover Norquist. SUCKER!

  3. WashCon - you’re such a short sighted f... head. Look around buddy. We can’t afford to maintain our roads. Our schools are crumbling. Workers are leaving in droves - especially teachers. Austerity doesn’t work idiot.

  4. Jake - I haven’t see you mention the tax scam Walker is trying to pull with the lottery credit. Ya think Bradley boys at WILL will challenge it.

    1. I've mentioned it in passing a couple of times. But yes, we are spending $8 mil this year and $40 mil next year IN TAX DOLLARS to prop up the lottery and make the write-off higher.

      And yes, that defies the idea of the lottery being self-sustaining, which may make it illegal. But I'm thinking Sleazy-berg and company won't touch that one.

  5. .@ScottWalker has raised your taxes.

    Appleton. Evansville. Fort Atkinson. Janesville. Kaukauna. Milton. Platteville. Portage. Chippewa Co. Marathon Co. Lincoln Co. Sheboygan.

    Theyve ALL raised wheel taxes on themselves because Scott Walker hasn’t adequately funded our roads.

  6. I saw Evers tweet that out. Wonder if he or his staff are reading. :P

    Yes, I am kidding on that...mostly

  7. I don't doubt they are reading this and the Political Environment. I know for a fact that DNR management do.