Monday, July 16, 2018

Russia, Guns and Sconnies

You go on vacation for one day, and your president admits to treason, and this gets revealed.

And then add in the 1 mil+ that was given to Walker's SuperPAC by pro-Putin oligarch Len Blavatnik.

I'm sure this can all be explained away, right Scotty? Right Paul Ryan? Right Homeland Security Committee Chair Ron Johnson?

"How was I to know....she was with the Russians, too?"


  1. Sure, but there's surely no way we could ever hope to figure out which party "POLITICAL PARTY 1" is, right? Or "GUN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION" for that matter.

    Complete mystery.

    1. Or who the American guy was that set up a "private communication line" between the GOP and the Kremlin, using the "GUN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION" as a go-between.

      Time for some unmasking of GOP slime.

  2. Maybe Mueller needs to get into the John Doe II evidence. Just sayin..

  3. Timed perfectly to coincide with our President looking like Putin's saddle boy.