Thursday, May 17, 2012

No "controversy" J-S, Scotty's a job-killer

What hopefully was the final jobs report of the Scott Walker governorship came out today, and Scotty is going out with a BANG. 6,200 private sector jobs GONE and 5,900 overall. And while some of the Walker apologists at the DWD are mentioning of the upside revisions for March, 6,600 of that upward revision was government jobs, and we all know that government jobs don't count (right, AM talk radio?).

You knew this number was going to suck when you saw Walker and his propaganda machine start releasing that "alternate metric" for job growth, and it sure did. But that ref-playing by the WisGOPs caused the Walker-backers at the Journal-Sentinel to call the figure "disputed" in their spin-filled story in today's paper. 49 other states don't dispute the BLS' figures, just the failures in Walker's administration, and it is gutless and shameful for the J-S to play the false equivalency game and give Walker's people any creedence whatsoever in this argument.

But I guess the Guv and his buddies do have to make up new stats, because the Walker jobs gap keeps growing in the real one. What's remarkable with this release is that the private sector job gap now has basically matched the public one, with both over 65,000 jobs.

Wisconsin vs. U.S., all jobs

Wisconsin vs. U.S., private sector jobs

So for the 16 months of Scott Walker's tenure, Wisconsin has lost 8,400 jobs overall and the Walker's "freed up" private sector added...400 jobs. Less than 1 a day.

Any questions? Other than "is 19 days too long to wait to end this disaster?"

I'll have more on the details, like April's drops in construction and manufacturing, and the fact that one of the few sectors that have grown in the last 12 months in Wisconsin is....state government jobs (by 900). But for the time being, enjoy the charts, and I'm off to the Malt House to enjoy the good weather, and a couple of high-quality beers with my grilfriend.

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