Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick announcement- Righties trying to flood the zone

Those of you who were on here last night might have noticed three piles of talking-point filled trash polluting the comments section, so as a result, I'm putting on comment moderation. I apologize for the delay this'll cause in getting things published, but it has to be done.

Also, it's a good example of what right-wingers are trying to do with this recall- Rasmussen and the Illinois version of WMC have released polls showing Walker ahead, both of which are suspect at best and total bullshit at worst. These polls and the giving away of "Stand with Walker" signs are trying to drive an agenda of "Walker has huge support and is ahead," so bystanders will be fooled enough to jump on the bandwagon, or not be as fired up to recall this disgraceful administration.

In reality, it means they are frightened out of their wits, and it's why they're pulling all these lies and stunts out of their backsides. Because they can't win on the facts. My advice: Push back harder, and let em know that there's a lot more of us than there are of them. Because there are.


  1. Well, there is another PPP poll out showing Walker up 50-45, although once again the cross-tabs look fishy. If you feel like re-jiggering this poll like you have with several others, I'd be interested to see it, particularly how it compares with the previous PPP poll.

  2. 297 Republicans and 238 Democrats? Yeah, I'd say that Kos poll floods the zone. Walker can sure hope that's the turnout on June 5, but I don't think it will be.

    Also has Barrett up 7 on Independents. Since even the 2010 exit poll had more Dems than GOPs, if this is the case, Tom's in really good shape if a typical Wisconsin electorate shows up. And it's gonna be more typical (and large) than most pollsters think it'll be.

  3. Jake,

    Don't let those wingnuts get to you brother.

  4. Thanks for the good words, Garp. They're not getting to me. They're just children wanting to waste my time, and they're trying to pollute this blog by clogging it up with their comments. So they gotta go.

    In fact, out-of-state losers like them just fire me up more to make sure trash like them get no joy on June 5.