Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Past is prologue- remember Scotty's Mil-Walker's failures

Been a bit nutty around here with elections, family and friends in the hospital, and Madison Craft Beer week. So instead of some kind of huge in-depth thing, let me instead hand it off to others today.

First of all, read Capper's excellent rundown of Scott Walker's 10 years of screwing over Milwaukee. With these events in mind, it sure destroys the Walker folks' plan of attacking Barrett for Milwaukee's difficulties, because those who have lived there can tell you Walker's negligence is the true culprit behind any Milwaukee troubles.

And much like he's trying to do with Wisconsin, Walker spent a few years as County Exec making his name, leaving it FUBAR'ed, and then leaving right before the bombs that he's set are ready to go off. It's why we gotta get him out in 4 weeks before his Wisconsin damage becomes permanent. It's remarkable how Walker's crew wants people to forget what Scotty did (or didn't do) in the 8 years before he became governor, and shows just how failed he has been in his 16 months as Governor, since they can't bring themselves to talk about Walker's positives.

This isn't much different than the points I've made in previous weeks, showing how Milwaukee has survived Walker's damage as governor better than most of the state, and how Walker's cuts of tens of millions of dollars of state aid to Milwaukee has helped to sink the city's property values. But given that these lie-filled commercials will bring the spotlight back onto the "state of Milwaukee" issues, it's only fair to remind folks of Walker's utter failure as County Exec in the 8 years he took up space at that position.

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